Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Anjanette's Battle with Cancer

See Ya Later Cancer

It has been a long journey for my beautiful sister in law Anjanette as she has been battling Breast Cancer.  I have blogged a little about it already so I will just give the updates about the past month.  So on October 10th, 2012, Anjanette was checking into the hospital to finally have her double mastectomy and finally get ride of anything cancerous.  After many many months of chemo 16 rounds to be exact it was finally time for the next step and get rid of it for good.

I wouldn't have missed this day to be by her side and my brother's side and show my love and support.  So my wonderful husband Adam took the day off to watch Gavin and I road out with my mom and gpa.  We got to the hospital saw my poor brother in the hallway alone cause they just took Anj back to get her IV done and situated and he was a nervous wreck.  He was finally able to see her and sit with her before surgery so we parked it in the waiting room and waited.  The nurse came out and said everyone could go back and see her and give her of course all 10 of use went back.  They even let Brit and Car go back and see her.  My sister and the girls came out to surprise Jay and Anj.

Right before she went in!!

It was finally time for her to be going into surgery and they were running about 2 hrs behind so we knew it was going to be along day and night.  Once she got wheeled out we had about 3 hours before the 1st doctor was to be done so we took Jay to get something to eat.  The girls took his mind off alot with their jokes and laughter.  We headed back to the waiting room and the 1st Dr. came out to give Jay the news.  We were freaked out cause they took him into the room where they tell you the bad news and they were in there for 15 minutes come to find out the Dr. likes to be very specific when telling how things went and all of it was great news.  He told us the 2nd Dr. was going in to finish up and it would be a few more hours.  We walked a little bit went down and got some tea and snacks and headed back up to the waiting room.  It was pretty late by now and finally the Dr. came in and said everything went perfect with his end.  What a relief everyone cried and was extremely happy.  Now it was time to get Jay in to see her.

Once he was able to get back there we knew everything was going to be ok.  They wheeled her out about an hour later and we were able to go up to her room and see her.  She was still out of it but we wanted to make sure she was ok and to let her know we loved her and were so proud of her for being so strong.

The next day they received papers that said she was CANCER FREE!!!!!!!  All of the tissue and lymph nodes tested negative for cancer.  This was the most amazing news to hear.  She had beat the S**T out of it.  She has a little rough road to full recovery but this will be a little easier hopefully after everything she has already gone through.

Sitting up and eating her first solid meal CANCER FREE!!!

Gonna skip a few days...Sunday after surgery Gavin and I headed down to visit and to help with anything they needed.  Mom and Gpa ended up coming out a little later and helped as well.  We put together a dining table and chairs for them, got dinner and groceries.  Then my mom and I washed her hair for her since it had been days since she could. 

Jay made me do asain Bre haha
So the past few weeks they have had many check ups and many questions to be answered, but this week for her was pretty rough.  They went in on Monday hoping her drains could be removed and finally see everything and how it was healing.  Unfortunately, the breast with the cancer in it was the one they had to remove the most tissue and skin during surgery was not able to heal as they hoped.  The skin had died as well as the nipple they tried to save.  So she had to go into a mini operation in his office to remove the skin and nipple and to take some of the fluid out of the expander's to help her heal a little better.  My brother was giving me play by play cause he was allowed in the room while he was cutting her skin off....he had no clue what he was in for.
Though this all my sister in law has actually been everyone else's rock.  She is so strong I only wish I had a piece of her strength.   Her courage, fight, determination and faith are amazing.  She is the most positive person I have met who is going through a live changing journey in life.  She had to pick a road on this journey...give up and let this disease eat you away or fight and tell this cancer you  have messed with the wrong girl.  Well we all know which road she picked and let me tell you she kicked the shit out of it.  Anj has a little bumpy road ahead of her to a full recovery but she will be there in no time I guarantee that. 
This weekend is the Susan G Komen walk in San Diego.  I started a team "Pwn Caner" in honor of my sister in law and have gotten a team of 16 strong to walk along side her this Sunday.  We are raising money to help find a cure to breast cancer and we will be walking in honor of her, all the survivors and for those who have lost their battle.  I can not wait for this weekend so we can show all the love and support for these women and men who are going through this.  So watch out for the next blog I am sure we are gonna have an amazing time waling for a wonderful cause and raising money to find that damn cure to finally end Breast Cancer.
Anj I love you so much and I am so happy you fought your hardest cause it paid are CANCER FREE!!!!!

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