Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Little Pre Tiny Fighter

My Little Pre Tiny Fighter

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago Gavin's little gym class was closing cause they were not getting enough kids to fill it up, so the Master at the Tae Kwon Do studio decided to open up a day class for kids ages 2-4.  This class was now going to be the Pre Tiny Fighters.  I was a little nervous at first cause Gavin is well below the age of 4 when kids usually start and I was afraid he was not going to get the hang of it or even listen.  Come on he is two so I am not sure how much he is actually going to retain.

As I first thought he was freaked out the first week.  Different teacher and activities really threw him off.  Then they added a uniform.....Gavin freaked out when I tried to put it on fears were coming true and he was not going to like it.

So one day I was taking my nieces to class and I thought it would help if he saw them put their uniform on and show him it was ok.  Right then and there it clicked in and Gavin put it I can not get the kid out of the uniform.  He loves it and he even loves his class and teacher.   He is doing so well.  He had moments of dazing off but what 2 year old doesn't haha.  I am so excited he loves it.  Watch out Gavin will be a black belt before you know it haha.

Now he is like his big cousins!!!

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