Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Carving


Gavin did not want anything to do with carving a pumpkin this year....he wanted to sit back and watch and hold his luckily my mom and I have been watching the kids so at least we would be able to carve a few. 

I usually help the girls with the carving but they are old enough now they can do it one their own.  I helped cut the top off and the I helped pop out the pieces they cut and that was it....they did a great job.

Starting the cleaning process..

The girls being them
The finished Product from all the kids

Belly made Anj a personal pumpkin...she did an amazing job.
One last side note to this day of pumpkin carving.....Grandpa Rick took the younger kids to the pumpkin patch again earlier that day.  He took them on all the rides, played games and bought them the big old pumpkins.  Well all the kids had won a fish and were so excited to get them home and put them in a bowl.  Well I had a feeling from my experiences growing up that carnival fish do not last long and what happens....within two hours of being home Carly's fish "Victorious" had died.  She was do you explain to a 6 year old it wasn't her fault and that they don't last very long....well last night Brit's fish "Spongebob" and Gav's fish "Patrick" also took the plunge.  We had another flushing burial and now they all can be with Nemo and Dori in the sea.
The kids had to have a burial ceremony!!!
~~Halloween Time~~

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