Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Bowling Time

So since today was gonna be like 105 degrees my mom, Adam and I decided to take the kids bowling cause we knew it would take a few hours and we would be having fun and staying nice and cool.  This was the first time for all the kids and they were soooooo excited. 

So we checked in and got our nasty bowling shoes (of course I packed the socks), found the right balls we were gonna use and got the game started.  You can tell I haven't been bowling in many many years cause the bumper bowling I was used to were these big long blow up things they put in the gutter.  Now the gutters lift up and down.  It was so cool cause we all played on one lane and when it was the girls turn it was programmed for the gutters to raise up for bumper bowling and down when it was the adults turn.  I thought that was the highlight haha. 

The girls did pretty well for their first time Britney even got a strike and Gavin even played.  He was getting mad cause he wanted to do it all by himself but I was afraid he was gonna drop the ball on his foot haha I know he would have been fine.  I actually won the first game haha then my mom came swooping in on the second and kicked all of our butts.........I call her a cheat cause she used to be in a league hahaha many years ago. 

After a few games of bowling we let the kids play at the arcade and then went to have some lunch.  It was such a fun taking Gavin to places he hasn't been seeing the smile on his face when he sees or trys things for the first time.....he is growing up way way way to fast.

They are sooo excited

Momma and her little bowler

Look at him go

Move dada I got this..

Having fun

Britney cheering Gav on haha


Our Long Beach Aquarium Trip

So this week we decided to head off to The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach to get out of this heat and to take the kids to have a little fun.  Gavin has been under the weather a little bit this past week so we needed to get out of the house cause I was going crazy lol.  The kids were so excited to see the animals and Gavin had a blast.  They got to touch the sharks, sting rays, star fish, jellies and of course feed the birds.  I have to say that was the best part of the whole day.  These crazy birds attacked us right when we walked into the gate with the food and wouldn't leave us alone was comical.

After a few hours we decided to get some lunch and hit the gift shop up and then head home.  We had so much fun....and can't wait to go back again.

Touching the Jellies

Hanging with the sea lions

One crazy bird...

Oh this is crazy bird #2 who wouldn't leave

Touching the Sharks

These kids love the penguins

The star fish or "Patrick" as the kids called them....

Gavin said he found Nemo and Dory he was so happy..


Wooo Hoooo Girls Night

So last week a few of my girlfriends were able to get out and have a little girls night.  We started the night off with a little appetizers and a few cocktails to get ourselves ready for what was going to be an amazing night hahaha.........yes we went to the movies to see MAGIC MIKE!!!!!!!  All I am going to say is we walked in with a huge smile on our face and came out with a little drool oh I mean we came out with that same smile on our face hahaha. 

Cheers ladies to a wonderful evening...I had a blast love you all so much!!!

~~Girls Night~~

Family Time for the 4th of July

So this year for The 4th of July we wanted to actually do something haha.....what I mean by that is we actually wanted to go out instead of sitting at home and watching the fireworks on the roof of our house.  So we decided to check out Santana Park here in Corona who puts an amazing 4th of July party with live bands, dozens of jumpers for the kids, tons of food vendors and of course an amazing firework show.

A little pic of a few of the kids rides...

So that morning we woke up and got ready and thought we would go drive by the park and see what was going on.....well a ton of stuff was going on......almost all the streets around it were shut down and there had to be a few hundred people who were already setting up EZ-UP's and BBQ's and that was only at 10 in the morning.  The actual festivities they put on didn't start till 4pm.  So of course we got stressed after hearing last year over 30,000 people attended so we decided to grab some chairs, blankets and our shade and head down to save a spot haha yes we are those people who have to be super on time...ok ok ok those people who have to be 6 hours early haha.

So now that my family thinks I am crazy we decided to go back home and pack an ice chest and get a few more things then headed back.  We finally got set up and started to relax and finally 4pm came around and we took Gav on the jumpy slides and got some yummy food.  Then a few hours later my sister and her family came and the kids went on more rides and we ate again haha.  We played a little soccer, flew a kite and had a lot of fun listening to the music.  We had a wonderful day then ended the day of with the beautiful firework show.  I see this becoming a family tradition and I couldn't be happier to start something with Gavin and our family.

My Little Patriotic Boy

Yah I am cool....

Bear going down the slide

TT and Gav

Getting ready for the fireworks...


Love this picture of the firemen on top of that ladder.....

My little buggy missed the fireworks he passed out two minutes before they went off and of course stayed asleep the whole time hahaha