Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Auntie Mandi's Photoshoot!!!

Photoshoot time!!  Auntie Mandi came over and took the best pictures of baby Gavin!!  He lasted longer than I thought and we were able to get some really great pictures!!!  I can't wait for out next dress up party!!  He is gonna hate me,,,hahaha.

We love you so much Auntie Mandi...thank you for capturing this are the BEST!!

My favorite photo...

So his hair!!!

Love those little toes...ok not so little...

He is ready to golf dad!!!

Love of my life!!!

Baby Gavin Has Arrived!!

Gavin has finnally arrived!!   June 14th 10:24pm 8 pounds 14 ounches and 21 inches long.  I know I am a little late on posting these pictures I get caught up during the day just looking at him and by the time you know it, it's night time!!!  I don't even know how to explain how in love I am.  It was a rough delivery but worth everything I went through!!  I am totally ready for another one....hahahaha!!!  Ok maybe in a few years!!!  Thank you to all my friends and family for being there for us I love you all so much!!!

Hello World!!!!

Under the lights....he is getting his tan on!!!

Leaving the hospital....and first car ride!!!

The girls love him soooooo much.....

Going out for my first breakfast with mom and dad!!!


Sleepin again.....

and again!!!!!!

I love him sooooo much this lip is going to kill me when he gets older!!!