Thursday, October 4, 2012

Momma and Gavin Day at Disneyland

Tuesday Gavin and I packed our bag and headed off to Disneyland.  Adam and I just renewed our passes and since we are paying an arm and a leg now for them it is a must to have to go as much as we can.  So I planned to go with one of my best friends Nichole and her kids.  Unfortenently her little one was super sick the night before and she wasn't gonna be able to get there till like 3 or 4 well it happen to be Halloween night and they were closing at 6 so it wouldn't have been worth it for needless to say Gavin and I were of to tackle it on our own. 

Someone woke up super happy for D-Land

It was soooooo hot that day I thought I was going to melt...Gavin seemed to not be affected by the heat cause he was having such a great time.  I think we ended up doing 10 rides, watched the pumpkin carvers, ate lunch, watched the California Pixar Parade, attended the Disney Jr Stage Show and played in the water park oh and met Mandi for dinner downtown.  It was such a long day but well worth it.  Of course if you ask him what his favorite was it would always be cars land haha.  This kid is obsessed. 

Loves Cars Land

Love Halloween Time

Sooo hot but having so much fun

These pumpkins are amazing

Disney Jr Stage Show

Water Park time.
Can't wait to take him back again...this time it will be with cooler weather or I really might melt.

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