Thursday, November 29, 2012

Halloween Time

Happy Halloween
Mr. Lightening McQueen
I have to say every holiday that starts to roll around I get more and more excited for them......I get this way because Gavin is at the best age where he is beginning to understand it all and is able to show his excitement.  This year I gave him the Halloween catalogue and let him pick out his costume.....He ended up picking out two costumes that he wanted to be.  He picked of course "Lightning McQueen" which was not a shock and spiderman.  I went with the Lightening cause I knew he would not wear that spiderman mask haha and if you don't know me by now, NO spiderman mask equals not a complete costume and that would not be a very good photo shoot hahaha....yep that's how i decided. 
Either way Gavin had the best time trick or treating.  Britney and Carly came over and we hit my neighborhood up cause there are more homes to go to.  Gavin hung in the whole time with these two.  He went up to every door and said thank you as he walked away.  He tried to make me carry the bucket after each piece of candy cause he said it was getting to "heevy", Gav's way of saying heavy.  The kids scored this year and had the best time. 
Can't wait to see what he picks next year cause momma's days of picking the costume is no longer an option haha....gotta love the kids!!
Britney as Dorthy

Carly as Rapunzel

Love these Three

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