Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ellen Here We Come

My wonderful momma happened to score Ellen tickets again......I have been trying for years and she has gotten them twice now.  I totally can't complain cause she still takes me with her tickets LOL.  So my mom and I packed up the car headed out to get my sister in law Anjanette and headed to the Ellen Show.  I will have to admit that all three of us have to be some of the biggest Ellen fans out there.  Besides my brother but I won't get into that cause it is not appropriate for a blog haha.

So we ended up getting to Burbank a few hours early ok ok ok we were the 1st in line we decided to head off to get some lunch.  We went to this old school restaurant that hand the most amazing time we go to Ellen we will have to go back.

Once we were done with lunch we headed back to the holding area and there where hundreds of people we waited on the bench till they called us up to get our passes.

It is Official I can now get in....

We are soooo excited if you can't tell..
So even though we have our pass we still had about an hour till they were leading us to the the mean time they handed us a paper to fill out with a few questions.  One of the questions happen to be about being a Breast Cancer survivor or anyone you know that has lost their battle.  I looked at Anj and told her to write as much as she could to tell her story.  We had no clue what was gonna happen with it but at the end of the taping they called her and a few others to stay and to meet with a lady in the back corner.  So we headed over and they told her they loved her story and wanted to keep in touch with her.  We were all so happy and blessed and I am praying she is picked to spread awareness of Breast Cancer or even a miracle to happen for her. (Below they let us turn on our phones real fast so we snapped a few pictures)
Sooooooo Excited

I had an amazing time at the show and I am so glad my momma scored these again..... I am even more happy that my sister n law Anj was able to go since her surgery is right around the corner.  It was great to see her face light up and have fun.  I hope she was able to forget just a little bit while we were dancing like fools hahaha.  Thanks again momma......XOXO!!!
~~Ellen Show~~

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