Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Swim with Judy

It is that time of year again.....Gavin is off to Judy's for his two week swim lessons.  He absolutely loves Judy so it makes it easier for him and he is loving it.  Gavin is doing so much better and is starting to kick and move his arms more and more.  He is traveling farther in the pool holding his breath.  Great job Gavin momma is so proud of you.

New Kids On The Block

Oh yes it is time to go back to the 80's haha.  So my wonderful mother saw that New Kids On The Block, which was my most favorite band ever growing up, was coming back on tour.  So of course she bought us tickets haha.  This one was even better....Boys 2 Men and 98 degrees were joining them on tour.....done deal sign me up haha.
So mom and I had a little girls night and headed off to LA.  It was 22 years ago my mom and dad drove me to LA to the Dodger stadium to sit in noise bleeds just so I could see New Kids On The Block...this time I got to drive and go early and cocktail before the show made this night even better hahaha.  Thanks mom for the tickets I had a blast and will add this to my book of memories. 

Oh yes I had to get dressed up...
Wolfgang Puck Yum Yum

Ready to go with my momma

Oh yes my boys haha

Happy 4th Of July

So we started a tradition last year for the 4th that we decided to keep up this year.  Since Corona does not allow fireworks they throw on a huge firework show at the park down the street.  Thousands and thousands of people go for the show, food and games. 

So this year we headed down in the morning to set up our spot for the day then headed home to pack our ice chests and snacks.  We have a blast hanging out watching the kids play the games, listen to live music and of course eating all the food haha. 

This year Corona did not disappoint on the fire work show.  It was amazing and the kids loved it.  Can't wait to go back again next year.

Beautiful Flag
 Gavin loved the jumpers
Waiting for the sun to go down

My little love

Gavin's Birthday Celebrations

My Baby Boy is 3
Happy Birthday baby boy....momma can not believe you are already 3 years old.  Time is going by way too fast and I want it to slow way down.  I am not ready for all of the new adventures you will be having.  I want you to stay in my pocket and never grow up. 
This year I decided not to throw a big party for Gavin.  He wanted to go to Legoland so bad I thought I would plan that with the family then do a little movie party with his friends.  This way he wouldn't miss out on any of his birthday buddies.  So I booked us a night at the new Legoland Hotel and got two day park hopper tickets so we could do everything they had to offer.  Grandma even booked a cabana for the water park so we had a place to relax and sit.  It is the way to go if you are staying all day and the kids loved it.  Here are a few of the pictures....I am only posting a few of the hundred I have haha.  I would be here all day lol. 
Legoland Hotel

Our Pirate Room

Legoland Water Park



So I am gonna say it is save to say these kiddos had a great time at legoland.  Gavin wants to go back everyday haha.  So since the girls joined us for Gavin's legoland party we headed home and had a family Monsters Inc Party with everyone else since they were leaving for the races and family vacation.  Including the gigantic Chocolate Cake my husband bought from Claim Jumper....yes I did say the entire cake you read that correctly.  Any normal person would have bought a slice not the entire cake but Gavin loved it haha.

The following week we headed to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor to meet up with auntie Mandi so she could celebrate with Gavin since I wasn't having a party.  Of course auntie Mandi out did herself and got Gavin one of the biggest gifts ever haha.
Then we had a separate dinner with my dad since he was going out of town and he had a little cake and gift for him as well. 
Finally to finish the entire birthday celebration I had a movie party for the new Monsters University movie.  I inviting Gavin's friends Brooklyn, Madison, Janie, Jake, Cam and Mason and grandma of course and headed to the movies.  I made gift bags and got popcorn and drinks and the kiddos were all set for the movie.  Of course we finished the movie party off at Chick Fil A for a little lunch. 

Happy 3rd Birthday Gavin I hope you enjoyed all of your Birthdayfestivities. I can not believe you are 3 and I am still in denial haha.  Thank you everyone for making Gavin's 3rd birthday so special!!

June Festivities

So I know I am super behind on my blogging I blinked and it was already July....seriously time is going by way way way too fast.  The month of June for us was slammed from graduations, birthdays, end of the year school parties,  father's day and everything else in between I hope I didn't forget something.

So we started off the Month of June celebrating Isabella's 8th grade graduation.   I seriously can not believe my baby girl will be starting high school this year. I can still remember when she was in diapers cutting her own bangs with scissors.  But I do have to say she is turning into a beautiful, smart and amazing young lady.  I am so proud of her. 

If Isabella's 8th grade graduation wasn't big enough we then celebrated Anthony's 16th birthday....YES I DID SAY 16!!!!!  So crazy and to top that off he is now officially driving the streets.  He passed his drivers test hahaha.  Yep staying off the road lol. Anthony is also turning out to be an amazing young man.  I can not believe how fast they are growing up. 

More birthday celebrations were in the mix for the month of June....we celebrated my best friend Mandi's 29th birthday for the 3rd year hahaha.  Happy birthday my love can not wait to meet my little nephew Weston soon!!

So all of these celebrations we had to celebrate the kiddos for ending the school year off with great grades......and also pre birthday celebrations for Gavin haha.  So Erin promised the girls if they had a great report card they could go to build a bear and of course the girls did an amazing job this year.  This was Gavin's 1st time at build a bear and he had a blast. 

So as you can see the celebrations for June kept going strong my baby boy turned 3 this year.  I can not believe how fast he is growing and to know that he will be starting preschool this year makes me want to cry even more. Gavin had a great birthday this year I will be doing a separate blog for that was at least a two week celebration haha. 

Father's Day was also this month and let me tell you these two boys have such an amazing bond between the two of them.  The love they share is wonderful.  They are for sure two peas in a pod.  Happy Father's Day to the best husband and father a girl could ever ask for.  We love you so much!!

To end off our month of June we unfortunately got some news about one of my old volleyball coaches.  We got the news that Chandler has terminal cancer that has spread throughout his body.  When I got that news I was in shock and devastated.  This is the most amazing teacher and coach anyone could have had the honor playing for. He taught us so much and always put us first before him and his family.  At this point all we can do is hope, pray and send our love that he can hang on for as long as he can.  With all the love and fight in his corner he will not be alone.  So we planned a BBQ at our family friends house and invited all of the girls the he had coached over the years.  We had an amazing turn out I would have to say well over 60 people came in and out that day.  I was so happy to see all the love and support that Chandler had that day.  It was great to see a smile on his face.