Thursday, June 28, 2012

1st Doctor and then the Movies

2 Year Check up

Already mad I brought him here..

So today I took Gavin for his 2 Year check up.  I hate taking him to the doctor but he did really well.  Let me tell you I have one tall skinny boy hahaha...for sure gonna be like his daddy.  He weighs 29.8 pounds only 50th percentile for his weight and he is 36 and 3/4 inches tall and fell in the 95th percentile for height.  I hope he keeps this height up and doesn't take after his momma.  Other than that he is healthy and doing great.  He had to get his finger poked and one shot but took it like a champ.  Here he is trying to tell me he had an "owwee". 

So of course I feel bad everytime I take this kid to the doctor so I had to spoil him a little after.  So my mom came over and we headed to the movies.  We took him to go see Madagascar 3.  He did sooooooo well and loved it.  He even told me twice he had to go potty and we made it both times.  I don't know why that makes me so happy but it does haha oh mommyhood!!!

Big boy getting his ticket even though he is free he had to grab something from the machine..

Eating his popcorn in the big boy seat....

Ready for the movie to start with Ama..

This is how my kid sleeps, watches tv, and sits in his carseat....gotta love it he is a total boy for sure...but loved the movie and grandma even caught him laughing.

~~Movie Day~~

Park Day With Daddy

So Adam wanted me to get some kites so him and Gavin could go try them out at the park.  So I went on the hunt and only found these $1.27 ones at walmart...I thought what the heck if it breaks oh well and if there is no wind oh well.  Let me tell you these kites turned out to be the most amazing kites I have seen.  They went up with no problem and flew themselves.  This made it super easy for Gav to hold on and fly it.  So happy I found these and excited Gavin got to fly his first kite with daddy.

Go Buggy Go!!!

Daddy and his cute!!!


It's Potty Time

It's Potty Time

Gav and his big boy undies ready to go....

So last week I made the decision to start potty training with Gav.  He was telling  me he had to go potty a few times, so I took that window of opportunity and went for it.  I started last wednesday and pretty much locked myself in my house.  Thankfully my mother brought us lunch and some surprises to get us by. A few hours into it I already wanted to pull my hair out.  If anyone reading this has done it already they know what I am talking about.  My patience was for sure tested that day.  After a few accidents on the floor or the complaining from Gav I was ready to give up, but then he would have a few successful trips to the potty so I didn't give up.  Believe me I was over cleaning up the mess. 

 He Couldn't pick which potty to try and he had to drive his Mater Car at the same time as he sat...seriously kid this was my LOOOONNNGGG DAY!!!

Well I have to say thank the lord I stuck with it cause the next day was night and day.  Gavin started the day off asking to go potty and from then on he has been going on the potty.  I had this big jar filled with little toys he could pick out everytime he went....well once he caught on he would ask to go potty just to push a few drops out and get a toy hahaha that's my boy working momma I had to switch it to Skittles for #1 and a toy for #2.  He was gonna break me if it was a toy everytime. 

I am so lucky and suprised Gavin understood and since last wednesday he has only had three accidents.  I think I am can saftley say he is officially potty trained...wooo hooo!!!  Now let's hope he does't regress haha I might have a breakdown lol.

Here is his new big boy undies...

I am so proud of you Gavin I can not believe we are already hitting these milestones in your life.  Love you so much baby boy!!

~~Bigger Boy~~

Family Time

So last weekend my brother and beautiful sister in law wanted to get away from their daily routine and come hang out for the weekend.  I couldn't be happier that Anj was feeling well enough to come down.  With everything she has been dealing with, all we wanted to do is make her forget about it all even if it was for a few minutes.  I would love for everything to be over so they can get back to having their normal lives, but God is telling her he has this plan for her and she will get through this and spread his word for sure. 

Well we started off our weekend with a little swimming at my sister's house.  Unfortunently they were gone for the weekend but we had fun anyways.  Then after a little relaxing time in the pool we headed off to Oggy's for some yummy pizza and salad.  I think after we ate we were ready for bed haha.

Getting ready for some yummy pizza..

Playing on Uncle Jay's computer....

There are a few more pictures but I will not post them cause my son will come back to me one day and kill me for posting his naked little booty on the internet haha.  But I have added those to my blackmail folder for sure.

After a great day on Saturday we started Sunday off even better.  My mom, Anj and I headed off to have some girl time and got a wonderful and relaxing pedicure......I needed this so bad.  We had a great time even though we were only gone an hour or so it was well worth it.  After our ped's we headed off to one of our favorite places...Slater's 50/50.  I can not begin to explain how amazing this place is....they have the best hamburgers/turkey/veg I have ever tried.  You pick your bun, meat, topping etc....

 Below are a few pictures to show the goodness......

Waiting to get fat from all of our food....

Here is my brother's burger........SOOOOOOO BIG!!!

That picture does not do any justice to how it all tastes...Everyone has to try this place once in their life for sure.  So you would think we would be throwing up from that burger by now (thankfully I got mine wrapped in lettuce).....nope we decided to order dessert...yep we did we went there hahaha just look at this amazing dessert below......

That would be a BACON BROWNIE...yes I did say that right bacon and brownie were both in the title.  This has to be one of the best desserts I have ever had.  I can not begin to expalin the WOW factor this has.  However, it was a perfect ending to our weekend with the family.  I have now gained 10 pounds but well worth it haha.

~~xoxo Family Time xoxo~~

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

These men are the most important men in my life and it was great to be able to celebrate them and be thankful for having them in my life.  Dad I love you with all of my heart and am so grateful for all you do for me and my family.  Adam thank you for being such a wonderful husband and best of all, an amazing father to my son.  I couldn't have asked for a better father to raise our little boy.  And to you Gavin.....I know you will turn out to be an amazing husband and father one day.....knowing you have these two men to look up to, I have now worries in the world for you.

Love you all so very very much!!!

~~Father's Day~~

It's Tae Kwon Do Time

It is time already for the kiddos to test for their new belts at Tae Kwond Do.....let me tell you these kids are on fire.  I love watching them all kick some butt in class during the week and now it's time for them to show off and show everyone what they got.

Watch Out those kids are CRAZY!!!!

It was super exciting this time cause all four of my niece/nephew were testing for their new belts.  It sucked cause we were there all day but it was worth it in the end.  I was almost ready not to stay cause Gavin was getting tired and cranky but of course I would never leave and I am so excited I didn't.  Each one of them passed their test and got a apecial award.  It started off with Best Attitude award and Britney was the one to recieve that one out of all the TMAT family.  After that they went on to Best Kick and of course we all knew that one was gonna be Carly haha.  She has now won that award twice now.  Then Isabella was called and she recieved Most Improved.  Then the very very last award of the evening went to Anthony and it was Student Of The Month.....yep you heard that right.  He has worked so so so very hard in all of his classes and he deserved every bit of it.

Picture with Master and all of their awards....

I am such a happy auntie and couldn't be any more proud of them all.  They put in a lot of time a determination to grow in this sport and it is paying off.  Love you all sooooo much!!!


Birthday at the Water Park

Wooo Hooo someone is 2!!!  I can not believe my baby boy has now turned two years old.  He is not a little baby anymore and I am so not happy with that haha.  This kid is growing up way to fast.

So since we celebrated with some of his friends and family the weekend before I decided on his actual birthday, I would take him to his favorite place (Other than D-Land), the water park.  Seriously this kid is in love with the water park and could have stayed there all day if I let him.  I invited his cousins of course along for the ride and they all had a blast.

We started the morning off by picking up Brit and Car then I took them all to the donut store to pick out what they wanted.....then we headed off to the park to get a good spot to set up for the day.  It gets pretty busy and if anyone knows me I have to be early to get the very best spot hahaha.

After they ate all that sugar it was time to let them run it off and have fun.  This park is just right down the street and has lots of things for the kids.  They had a blast running from the jungle gym and back to the water.  Makes me wish I was a kid again.

Starting off with donuts and milk....

Come on mom I can't wait anymore....

Sooooo happy....

Waiting for the water to shoot up...

he loves his Bear.....

So after the park we headed home for some naps and I got ready to make our family tradition dinner.........Vince's Spagetti!!  Yep the best pasta and soup in the world.  This has been a family tradion since I was born and I hope to start and keep this one for Gavin.  Let me tell you if my kid only cleaned his plate with this pasta......he ate the whole thing...ok maybe wore most of it but I am so xcited he enjoys it as much as me.

Yummy Vince's!!!

Happy Birthday Buggy momma loves you so much and can't wait to keep watching you grow....thank you for bringing so much love and joy into our lives.  You make me smile everyday and you will never understand how much you are loved. 

~xoxo Look Who Is Two xoxo~

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gavin's Cowboy 2nd Birthday Party


Move over Woody there is a new Sheriff in town!!!

So it was that time.....time to celebrate Gavin's 2nd birthday with his close friends and family.  His birthday isn't until Thursday so we celebrated a little early due to Father's Day weekend the following week.  Of course I have been planning this party for months now.  I have been googling and looking on pinterest for many ideas.  Once I found a few ideas I took off and ran with it.  I had so much fun planning this was stressful at times but what isn't these days haha.  So it was either a Cars theme or a Woody or "Booty" as Gavin calls him birthday theme.  Of course I had to choose Woody so Cowboy it was.  I have a ton of pictures but here are a few........

Here is a little collage of some of the photos....Below are a few stand outs I had to post...

Happy Birthday to you....blow out the candle......

I want to thank my family (Mom, Sis, and Dad) for all of their help with the food and Mandi for the birthday sign and of course my hubs for all the work he did to get the party ready.  Without my family I would have been the biggest stress case known to man haha.  I am also blessed to have shared such a wonderful day with our family and close friends.  Gavin enjoyed every minute of it.  We are so thankful for all the wonderful gifts he received he has not stopped playing with them. 

~Sheriff Gav~

Cowboy Photoshoot for Gavin's 2nd Birthday

Last week was all the last minute prep to get everything done for Gavin's birthday party so of course that meant "PHOTOSHOOT"time haha so auntie Mandi came over last week to help me make Gavin's Birthday sign for his party and take a few pictures of him for his 2nd Birthday.  I really didn't have much planned for the pictures so I took a bunch of his party decor and threw it outside by the fence and took a few pictures.  Literally it took us 10 min haha and Gavin actually did well.  I think cause we didn't change him a million times he actually let us take his picture.  We got some amazing photos of him.  I couldn't pick my favorite to share so below are a few that I absolutely love. 

Love my little Buggy can not believe we are celebrating his 2nd bday in a few days.  Stop growing little guy momma wants you little forever!!!!

~Say Cheese~

Summer Time Sleepovers With the Cousins

It's that time of year for many many sleepovers at our house with the cousins....we started last week when my sister and my mom went out of town so I got to watch the girls for a few days.  Let me tell ya Gavin was so excited to have his BB and BB around haha...yes that should be a Car Car there but he calls them both BB.  He is learning, he is now calling Britney by her nickname Bear and Carly BB but that is a work in progress....Anyways we had tons of fun, lots of sugar and no sleep haha.  Once the girls went home Gavin had withdrawals but he will have many more sleepovers soon.  

The Girls were so excited to sleep in his room now that he has a big boy bed....

The Tooth Fairy came when Carly was at my house...she was so excited she found her there she thought she wasn't gonna come cause she wasn't in her own bed.

Last night movie night....the kids had so much fun!!


Carly's on her way to 1st Grade

So proud of my littlest niece Carly she graduated from Kindergarten and will now be heading off to the 1st grade.  Booty loves you so very much sweetie and I am so grateful to be able to watch you grow. 

She is ready...

No fear singing in front of hundreds of peeps...

All the girls...

Even Grandpa made it....

We love you so much Car Car...stop growing up so fast!!!

~Onto 1st Grade~