Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

So this year we had Thanksgiving at my sister's house with the whole family, and of course we had one extra this Gavin. 

Yummy Sweet Potato

So after eating our brains out , we all packed up and headed for Big Bear for the weekend.  Good friends of my sister and her husband gave us their house on Big Bear Lake for the weekend.  We had so much fun.  Sad part about it, Adam was not able to make it with us because he had to work.  However the exciting part was it snowed a few inches on Saturday night and Britney and Carly got to see it fall from the sky.  They were so excited.


Here is the house we stayed in and the view from the front yard.

1st time in the snow...

The Morning after it snowed

Walking to Mama

At the Sledding Park watching us fly down the hill

I Can't wait to go back to the mountains it was a much needed vacation and a wonderful way to spend time with the family!!  Missed you Adam!!

Halloween 2010

I know I am way late on this blog hahaha.  This year Gavin got to celebrate his first year of Halloween and of course mom had to dress him up.  He was not to happy with the idea but once I got my pictures I let him take off a few items.

My little Pirate.

We had a blast this year....all of Gavin's cousins came over to trick or treat and pass out candy.  Britney, Carly and Belly all dressed up this year.  I think the girls loved passing out candy more this year than walking door to door. 

Belly was a baby, Carly a Bumble Bee and Britney a Pirate just like Gavin

Passing out candy...or maybe eating it all hahaha

So sleepy it was a long day.

I can't wait for next Halloween when I can dress Gavin up again...hopefully he will like the next costume.  I guess I will start looking now.