Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"We Have a Toofer"

Woooo hoooo we finally have a little toofer that came through this week.  Gavin got one of his bottom teeth in and the second one is not far behind.  Thank goodness cause momma was going crazy waiting for these to finally come much as I wanted them to come it just reminds me how fast he is growing and I hate it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"He is on a Mission"

Gavin is ready to Rock-n-Roll on the crawling.  He is ready to just get up and go.  He is getting on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth.  He understands he has to move his knees forward but he hasn't quite got the point you have to move your arms as well hahahaha......but I am thinking anyday now he will be on the go..........

TO BE CONTINUED.......................

"Valentine's Day Pictures"

So of course Auntie Mandi and I had to capture the holiday with a little photo session for Valentine's Day.  We didn't tell Adam we were doing them cause I was gonna surprise him for Valentine's Day but of course he found out.  We had so much fun taking his pictures but of course he once again had to put up with our crap hahahaha.  I am telling you he is gonna hate us when he gets older that's for sure.  However, even though we put him through hell we got some really really great pictures. 

Yes we got it the Stinky Face...

Aunti Mandi and Mom...I am over this hahahaha

No really I am done....

Ok just kidding hahahaha stinky!!!!

This was the one I picked for the Valentine's Day cards I love this one.

Auntie Mandi thank you again so much for capturing every moment that I will forever treasure in my heart.  We love you with all of our heart and are so so thankful to have such a beautiful and talented person in our lives.  

"Valentine's Day"

So this Valentine's Day we had my sisters kids for the weekend.  We decorated cookies, made dinner and just hung out which was great.  I hate going out on Valentine's day with all the crowds anyways.  Here is one of the best pictures I got when Belly was changing him out of his Valentine's day shirt he looks so cute. 

Then it was bathtime after all of our fun that day and let me tell you I will be keeping this picture for future blackmail when the time is right I will use it on all three of these little children.

I made the little ones cover their Va-J-J's hahaha


So my poor little buggy had his first cold in 8 months.  I know I should be happy that this has been his first one but I have to say I hate when he is sick.  I feel so helpless.  Not only did he get a cold but he got an ear infection and on top of those two he is teething.  Poor little guy had it bad. 

Poor little buggy couldn't breath at all...

So we went to the doctor and got some meds and let me tell you after a few days on his medication he was back to his normal self and I was so happy to see him playing and laughing and smiling again. 

Mom I feel soooooo much better...

How you doin!!!!!

Spending the Night at Auntie Erin's

So my sister took Gavin for the night while I had to work on a Charity Poker tournament.  As much as I hate leaving my little one it is pretty nice to be able to have a night to myself.  Even if I was working and having a few cocktails with my bestie Mandi I still miss him.  So of course I was texting her every hour to see how he was doing and of course she was sending me pictures that made me want to run home and get him.  However I did not and tried to enjoy the evening.

Hi mom I am fine....

He is already a workin boy at the race shop....

Mom I am pooped..

Thanks Auntie Erin for watching my little one I know he had a great time and you and the girls had lots of fun!!!

Playing at the Park

A few weeks ago I watched my little girls Brit and Car.  So instead of staying home we went to the park for a few hours and played on the swings, jungle gym, and went on a mission.  (Brit calls this a scavenger hunt).  We had so much fun and Gavin loved every minute of it.

Gavin loved loved loved the swing....I can't wait to see him going down the slide and running around!!!