Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Fight is On

So this week our family has been hit beautiful sister in law Anjanette has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  To hear those words from my brother was the most devastating thing.  I don't understand how someone as beautiful, kind, loving, caring, genuine, stong and I can go on and on about her, has to be the one to go through this and at such a young age.  I feel helpless, I feel like there is nothing I can do to help her. I know I am right here by her side and that's all I can do but it doesn't feel like enough.....I want to do more for her. However, I am gonna be strong for her and my brother and I am gonna be there every step of this battle and pray and pray everynight that goes by. 

I told my brother today that cancer decided to mess with the wrong F**king family.  Not only is Anj gonna kick the living shit out of it on her is pretty lucky we aren't gonna get ahold of it and show it what we really think.  The support system that she has would rip it to shreds and you don't want to know what else we would do to it. 

I love you so much Anj and I know you are so strong and you will fight and win this battle.  I admire your strength that you already have.  I will be here for you everyday in prayer and everyday you need me by your side.  This is one battle Cancer will not win and our family will make sure of that.


Britney's 1st Grade Farm Play

Today Britney had one of her first full plays that her class put on.  Let me tell you they did an amazing job.  They all had lines to remember, songs to sing, and even dances to remember. I loved the story line it was about a cow who could not moo beacuse she had low self esteem.  So all the barn animals sang and told the cow how greatful they were for was sooooo cute.   These kids did not miss a beat and performed everything with out a hitch.  I am so proud of her....congrats Britney you were one amazing chicken today...

Here are a few of her friends in class...

Gavin brough Be-Be flowers.....

Congrats Britney we loved seeing you on stage you are a natural!!!


Watch out for those new Belts!!!

So on Saturday the kids had another Tae Kwon Do test to try and achieve their next belt level.  I am one proud auntie....once again the girls did amazing and passed.  It was even more exciting because Anthony has now joined and tested for his new belt as well and he also passed.  I am so proud of all of them they did a wonderful job and worked so hard to achieve them.

Congrats we are so proud of you!!!

~Kicking Some Butt~

Happy Birthday To My wonderful Mommy!!!

So last Sunday we celebrated my mother's birthday.  We decided to do breakfast that day so we all could be together since her birthday was on a monday.  So we all headed off to Mimi's to have a few bloody marys and some yummy food.  After we decided to go head to the mall and do a little shopping.   We bought my mom a new purse, new shoes and this Brighton Bracelet we made from the grandkids......

There is an initial of each grandkid and a few extra bling to go with..

So we are at the mall and it was her birthday and somehow Gavin came home with more gifts than my did that happen????  Of course everywhere we go my kid ropes me in to buying him something and yes I am a sucker for buying it everytime along with Grandma who likes to spoil the kid rotten hahaha.  Here are a few things he got that day....

Yep these are Woody PJ's.......oh wait....

Of course he got the Buzz ones too and the dolls to go with it!!!!!!

There are still a few things not in the above photos that he got....seriously this kid is spoiled rotten but I love it hahaha.

Monday was mom's actual bday so Gavin and I headed over there once the girls got out of school.  The girls wanted to bake her a cake so we could sing to her after dinner....

Happy Birthday to the most amazing mother and grandmother a girl could ask for.  We love you with all of our hearts and are so grateful to have such a wonderful person in our lives.  We appreciate all you do for us.  Love you sooooooo much!!!!

xoxo~Happy Birthday Mom~xoxo

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Playing Outside

Seriously my kid could live outside.  This kid could play all day everyday outside if I let him.  He cries when we leave the park or when it's time to come in and eat lunch or take a nap.  However, I can't complain at least he is outside getting exercise and having fun.

I love this kid sooooo much.  He brings so much joy to my life.  He is also becoming a "BOY"....he wants to do everything on his own and of course he is starting to freak momma out everyday.  Jumping off everything, throwing himself on the ground or wall purposely just to say "OUCH", running toward the street or away in the store far enough till momma has to call his name, and running his toy cars along my wall making the car noises...don't worry momma doesn't mind the scratches on the wall hahaha.

Thank you so much little Buggy for making momma laugh everyday and for always putting a smile on my face!!

~Little Buggy~

It's a Birthday Week

So this past week two very special girls in my life celebrated their birthdays.  Since their birthdays are only 3 days apart my sister is stilll lucky they are happy celebrating together.  So we were off to the Happiest Place on Earth.....DISNEYLAND!!!!! 

So Monday Feb 27th we celebrated my niece Britneys 7th birthday.....yes I did say 7 I know it is sooooo crazy time has really gone by on this little girl.   I can still remember the day she was born.........

Britney Briana Burnardo Age 7

So my sister planned a two day trip to Disneyland with the family....after school on Monday they packed up and headed to Disneyland checked into their hotel then went off and had fun in the rain riding almost all the rides.  They had a blast and my sister gave them their birthday presents that night.  Thank the lord she bought them each an I Touch so now we can have our phones back hahaha...... They were soooo excited

Sooooo excited!!!

The next day Gavin and I planned to join them at Disneyland for the day.  Britney was sooo excited cause Gavin was going she could care less about anything else.  Seriously the video below is to funny.....

So Gavin and I got ready and headed to Disneyland.  We met up with them in the morning for breakfast then has a wonderful day riding rides and eating lots of food and taking lots of pictures.

Eating Breakfast....

We weren't tall enough so they went with Gavin on a ride...

He was soooo excited to meet Buzz he really was I just couldn't take pic fast enough.....


Sleepy Head......

All the cousins with Minnie...I think the boys loved her!!!

I told the girls I would buy them a toy from Disneyland for their birthday and I also had money from Grandpa Rick to get toys as well.   But we didn't have the best of luck so I decided to take them to Toys R US on the way home and they could go on a shopping spree on Grandpa and the picture below I think they scored....

Tooo many toys haha.

Finally Thursday March 1st came around and we got to celebrate Carly's 6th little baby is now 6........ seriously can not believe it!!!

Carly Ryan Busnardo Age 6

Since we had already did all the fun stuff we just had the family over at my sisters who couldn't make Disneyland and made her favorite dinner and did a little birthday cake.

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Nieces......Auntie Booty loves you sooooooo much and I can't wait to celebrate your next birthday.  Booty loves watching you girls grow is sad cause I wish you both would stay little but I am so excited to see what you both become.  Love you with all of my heart baby girls!!!

~xoxoBirthday Girlsxoxo~