Friday, August 10, 2012

Spending the Day With my Beautiful SIL Anj

So as you all know my sister in law Anjanette has been battling breast cancer since she found out in March.  She has been doing chemo treatments since then and is almost done hopefully with her final two to come.  Yesterday I went down there to help out and took her to her treatment and then had a little girls lunch.  My mom and I wanted to help out as much as we could so when Jay needs a break or even if Anj needs a break we are there to help them both. 

So yesterday was my turn to take her.  We had a great 3 hour ish conversation that made the time go by fast.  I have never been to a medical center like this where people come in to get their weekly doses or even daily doses of medication for their illnesses.  I can relate a little when it comes to sitting in a chair for hours doing baby testing twice a week my whole pregnancy.  Of course it is not even remotely close to chemo...I can just relate to how monotonous things can get.  I am just grateful I could be in the room with her and keep her company cause I couldn't have anyone.  It makes a difference to be able to have someone to talk to and keep your mind off of why you are there even if it is for a second.  We caught up on so much and of course had a little sesh of girl gossip haha.  But i am just grateful she allowed me to be able to support her and help her in any way that I can.

Beautiful Anj on #14 of 16 Chemo treatment

So after her session we both were starving so of course we had already talked about where we were going for lunch.  She had taken mom to this place called Bruxie which is a waffle sandwich place.  When my mom told me I was like that sounds weird.  But when I got there and saw what people were eating I knew I was gonna love it.  I ordered the Turkey Club sandwich, Anj ordered the Tomato Mozzarella with pesto sauce and of course I had to try the Irish Nachos she said where amazing.  Ummm please see below picture of the most amazing sandwich I have ever tried.....

Yes folks that is a waffle as the breading to my was soooo good I can not explain.  I forgot to take a picture of our Irish Nachos which were cris-cut fries covered in their homemade nacho cheese sauce, bacon, sour cream and chives.  I was in heaven....Adam and I have been on a salad diet for lunches the past two weeks and I totally cheated but oh well if it's for something this amazing it was well worth it haha.

I can't wait to go back to this place and see what else I can over stuff myself with.  However, I had an amazing day with an amazing woman who is so smart, beautiful, loving, caring, strong and I can keep going.  Anj I love you so much sweetie and I can not wait to throw a huge party celebrating you becoming a Breast Cancer Survivor!!!!!

~~Girls Day~~

It's Time for Cars Land

So since Disneyland opened Cars Land I have been dying to take Gavin there but of course the crowds have been insane.  So we planned to go this past Wednesday cause majority of the kids started school again so I knew if it was back to that schedule it would be a perfect day to go.  So we got there super early when they opened.  We had to wait a little bit for the Luigi's flying tire ride which was totally not worth the wait, but we walked right on the Mater's Junkyard Jamboree which was super fun.  Unfortunately Gavin was not talk enough for the McQueen Racer ride so we will have to go back and do that without him.

I loved Cars Land it was exactly like the movie and Gavin was a little thrown off for a bit cause he probably thought it was the movie and was confused haha.  He has so much fun though.  Once we were done at Cars Land we headed off to Disneyland and walked on all of the rides.  That is why I love going in the morning's mon-wed.....nobody is there.

Can't wait to take Gav back to Disneyland....our passes expire but I am gonna renew them and keep taking Gavin.  Even if it is only for a few hours a trip it is 100% worth the smile on his face.

Mater's Junkyard was his first ride...

So cute...

We got to see Red...

We got to see Mater...

And we got to see McQueen...

We can't forget Stan haha

The Luigi's Flying Tire Ride..

Cozy Cone where they had food...

Flo's V8 where we had breakfast...

Sarge was a gift shop

Filmore's was another snack place

Such an amazing job can't wait to try this ride....

Looks so much fun...

Our Caution Cone Drink Cup haha..

He had soooooo much fun he passed out two minutes into the car...not even out of parking lot yet.

Then we got home after lunch and he passed out again but had to hold his McQueen football haha.

~~Cars Land~~

Off to the Races

So Gavin is obsessed with race trucks and semi's thanks to my sisters shop across from his gym class.  This kid can watch them and talk about them all day.  He calls all the semi's Mack from cars even all the ones on the freeway haha.  Yes he is OBSESSED.  So last weekend they finally had a local race that I was able to take him too and of course this kid had a blast.  He watched almost every race and only fell asleep for like 20 min.  It was night racing and the last race started at like 11:15.  He was such a trooper but so glad he was able to enjoy watching something he truly loves.

Only a little OBSESSED with Mack hahaha

I also had such a good time at the races cause two of my uncles were able to make it and spend time with the family.  I haven't seen my uncle Norman since my brothers wedding a few years back and my Uncle Ronnie I saw a few weeks ago for the first time in 20plus years so it was great to see my mom and her brothers back together as a family.  I love them so much and they are such a joy to be around.

Getting Ready to Cheer on H&H

My mom and her brother's!!

My little sidekick still up at 11:15 haha

~~Vroom Vroom~~

It's OC Fair Time

So the last day of Gavin's swim lesson Adam was able to make it so since he did such a great job this year we decided to head of to the Fair after his last lesson and spend a little time on the rides, eating junk food and playing games.  If it was anything like last year Gavin was gonna have a blast.

Of course we started of the day having a little lunch and of course Gavin had to have his "Eye Beam", which of course was ice cream.  It was perfect cause it was a little warm outside and he loved every bite of it. 

After we ate, we checked out the rides and of course the farm animals.  Gavin loves looking at them but if they got close to the gate he hated it hahaha.  But his favorite animal of all was the giant pig, and if you ask him or his dad they call it "Talking Bacon".  Adam started that name when a show called Peppa Pig came on Nick Jr. and it's a cartoon with talking pigs........well Gavin loves to repeat so now when he sees a pig he says Talking Bacon hahaha gotta love boys.

After we checked out all the animals Adam and I wanted to try at least one thing fried.  I always say I am gonna try something fried when I go to the fair and we don't end up doing so, so I was determined to get at least one thing this year......and we ended up trying the Fried Oreos"...AMAZING!!!!!!!!

We had a blast this year and can't wait to go back again next year.  Each year keeps getting better and better cause Gavin is able to do more and more.  I love seeing the look on his face of joy and excitement. 

Here are the prizes Gavin and Daddy won this year...thank goodness it wasn't a giant stuffed animal like last year that is still taking up space on the floor hahaha. 

~~OC Fair~~

Swim Lessons

So it was that time of year again a few weeks back that it was time for Gavin to take another few weeks of swim lessons.  Or if you ask Gavin we are going "Wimming at Wudy's House".  Of course we had to go back to his favorite person Judy.  This year we took the girls with us  to get them in the pool and learn how to do all the different swimming strokes........they had so much fun and learned so much from Judy.  Britney is so fast now in the water with her frog kicks and breaststroke, and Carly is doing so much better as well.

I was so excited when Gavin started cause he picked up right where he left off last year with Judy and didn't forget a thing.  He is now able to hold his breath underwater for about 9-11 seconds depending on how tired he is, but also being able jump off the step and swim to Judy a few feet away.  I was so so so proud of him. 

Britney Helping Judy with Gavin

Gavin swimming to the step

Gavin is kicking from the step to Judy by himself

I can't wait to get back in the pool this summer and be able to swim with Gav and keep teaching him how to swim.  I wish Judy could do lessons all year round cause he loves her so much.  Thanks again Judy for all the hard work you put in to teaching my little man how to swim.  Can't wait till next year!!!