Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Anjanette's Battle with Cancer

See Ya Later Cancer

It has been a long journey for my beautiful sister in law Anjanette as she has been battling Breast Cancer.  I have blogged a little about it already so I will just give the updates about the past month.  So on October 10th, 2012, Anjanette was checking into the hospital to finally have her double mastectomy and finally get ride of anything cancerous.  After many many months of chemo 16 rounds to be exact it was finally time for the next step and get rid of it for good.

I wouldn't have missed this day to be by her side and my brother's side and show my love and support.  So my wonderful husband Adam took the day off to watch Gavin and I road out with my mom and gpa.  We got to the hospital saw my poor brother in the hallway alone cause they just took Anj back to get her IV done and situated and he was a nervous wreck.  He was finally able to see her and sit with her before surgery so we parked it in the waiting room and waited.  The nurse came out and said everyone could go back and see her and give her of course all 10 of use went back.  They even let Brit and Car go back and see her.  My sister and the girls came out to surprise Jay and Anj.

Right before she went in!!

It was finally time for her to be going into surgery and they were running about 2 hrs behind so we knew it was going to be along day and night.  Once she got wheeled out we had about 3 hours before the 1st doctor was to be done so we took Jay to get something to eat.  The girls took his mind off alot with their jokes and laughter.  We headed back to the waiting room and the 1st Dr. came out to give Jay the news.  We were freaked out cause they took him into the room where they tell you the bad news and they were in there for 15 minutes come to find out the Dr. likes to be very specific when telling how things went and all of it was great news.  He told us the 2nd Dr. was going in to finish up and it would be a few more hours.  We walked a little bit went down and got some tea and snacks and headed back up to the waiting room.  It was pretty late by now and finally the Dr. came in and said everything went perfect with his end.  What a relief everyone cried and was extremely happy.  Now it was time to get Jay in to see her.

Once he was able to get back there we knew everything was going to be ok.  They wheeled her out about an hour later and we were able to go up to her room and see her.  She was still out of it but we wanted to make sure she was ok and to let her know we loved her and were so proud of her for being so strong.

The next day they received papers that said she was CANCER FREE!!!!!!!  All of the tissue and lymph nodes tested negative for cancer.  This was the most amazing news to hear.  She had beat the S**T out of it.  She has a little rough road to full recovery but this will be a little easier hopefully after everything she has already gone through.

Sitting up and eating her first solid meal CANCER FREE!!!

Gonna skip a few days...Sunday after surgery Gavin and I headed down to visit and to help with anything they needed.  Mom and Gpa ended up coming out a little later and helped as well.  We put together a dining table and chairs for them, got dinner and groceries.  Then my mom and I washed her hair for her since it had been days since she could. 

Jay made me do asain Bre haha
So the past few weeks they have had many check ups and many questions to be answered, but this week for her was pretty rough.  They went in on Monday hoping her drains could be removed and finally see everything and how it was healing.  Unfortunately, the breast with the cancer in it was the one they had to remove the most tissue and skin during surgery was not able to heal as they hoped.  The skin had died as well as the nipple they tried to save.  So she had to go into a mini operation in his office to remove the skin and nipple and to take some of the fluid out of the expander's to help her heal a little better.  My brother was giving me play by play cause he was allowed in the room while he was cutting her skin off....he had no clue what he was in for.
Though this all my sister in law has actually been everyone else's rock.  She is so strong I only wish I had a piece of her strength.   Her courage, fight, determination and faith are amazing.  She is the most positive person I have met who is going through a live changing journey in life.  She had to pick a road on this journey...give up and let this disease eat you away or fight and tell this cancer you  have messed with the wrong girl.  Well we all know which road she picked and let me tell you she kicked the shit out of it.  Anj has a little bumpy road ahead of her to a full recovery but she will be there in no time I guarantee that. 
This weekend is the Susan G Komen walk in San Diego.  I started a team "Pwn Caner" in honor of my sister in law and have gotten a team of 16 strong to walk along side her this Sunday.  We are raising money to help find a cure to breast cancer and we will be walking in honor of her, all the survivors and for those who have lost their battle.  I can not wait for this weekend so we can show all the love and support for these women and men who are going through this.  So watch out for the next blog I am sure we are gonna have an amazing time waling for a wonderful cause and raising money to find that damn cure to finally end Breast Cancer.
Anj I love you so much and I am so happy you fought your hardest cause it paid are CANCER FREE!!!!!

Pumpkin Carving


Gavin did not want anything to do with carving a pumpkin this year....he wanted to sit back and watch and hold his luckily my mom and I have been watching the kids so at least we would be able to carve a few. 

I usually help the girls with the carving but they are old enough now they can do it one their own.  I helped cut the top off and the I helped pop out the pieces they cut and that was it....they did a great job.

Starting the cleaning process..

The girls being them
The finished Product from all the kids

Belly made Anj a personal pumpkin...she did an amazing job.
One last side note to this day of pumpkin carving.....Grandpa Rick took the younger kids to the pumpkin patch again earlier that day.  He took them on all the rides, played games and bought them the big old pumpkins.  Well all the kids had won a fish and were so excited to get them home and put them in a bowl.  Well I had a feeling from my experiences growing up that carnival fish do not last long and what happens....within two hours of being home Carly's fish "Victorious" had died.  She was do you explain to a 6 year old it wasn't her fault and that they don't last very long....well last night Brit's fish "Spongebob" and Gav's fish "Patrick" also took the plunge.  We had another flushing burial and now they all can be with Nemo and Dori in the sea.
The kids had to have a burial ceremony!!!
~~Halloween Time~~

Pumpkin Patch Fun

This year we ended up going to two pumpkin patches.  We went to the one down the street which we do every year and then we headed to the Irvine Railroad Pumpkin patch.  I had heard such great things about the Irvine one I had to try it.

First we headed to the one near the house....Adam took the day off so we thought we could get this one out of the way.  Of course this one I had to do our annual photo sesh with costume and all haha.  I swear my kid really hates me by now with all the pictures I take of him. 


Here is my little McQueen
A few weeks later one of my best friends Nichole and I planned to take the kids to the Irvine Railroad Pumpkin Patch.  We had heard great things about it so we thought we would take all the kids.  So I loaded up the car with Brit, Car, Grandma and Gavin and we were off. 
We met Nichole, Janie and Jake there and the kids were ready to have some fun.  We went on a train ride, Hay Ride, played games, face painting, haunted house and even a did the Hay Maze.  The kids had so much fun.  We ended the day off with letting them pick out a pumpkin and headed home.  I really loved this place we are for sure gonna come bake during Christmas so the kids can see Santa.
All the Kiddos....trying to get them all to look was impossible so we will take this one haha
Janie and Gav on a Hay ride together

Brit and Gav

Grandma and her kiddos

My three little pigs

Brit and Car picking out a pumpkin
Janie taking Gavin on a date haha she is this picture!!!
~~Halloween Time~~

My Little Pre Tiny Fighter

My Little Pre Tiny Fighter

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago Gavin's little gym class was closing cause they were not getting enough kids to fill it up, so the Master at the Tae Kwon Do studio decided to open up a day class for kids ages 2-4.  This class was now going to be the Pre Tiny Fighters.  I was a little nervous at first cause Gavin is well below the age of 4 when kids usually start and I was afraid he was not going to get the hang of it or even listen.  Come on he is two so I am not sure how much he is actually going to retain.

As I first thought he was freaked out the first week.  Different teacher and activities really threw him off.  Then they added a uniform.....Gavin freaked out when I tried to put it on fears were coming true and he was not going to like it.

So one day I was taking my nieces to class and I thought it would help if he saw them put their uniform on and show him it was ok.  Right then and there it clicked in and Gavin put it I can not get the kid out of the uniform.  He loves it and he even loves his class and teacher.   He is doing so well.  He had moments of dazing off but what 2 year old doesn't haha.  I am so excited he loves it.  Watch out Gavin will be a black belt before you know it haha.

Now he is like his big cousins!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Momma and Gavin Day at Disneyland

Tuesday Gavin and I packed our bag and headed off to Disneyland.  Adam and I just renewed our passes and since we are paying an arm and a leg now for them it is a must to have to go as much as we can.  So I planned to go with one of my best friends Nichole and her kids.  Unfortenently her little one was super sick the night before and she wasn't gonna be able to get there till like 3 or 4 well it happen to be Halloween night and they were closing at 6 so it wouldn't have been worth it for needless to say Gavin and I were of to tackle it on our own. 

Someone woke up super happy for D-Land

It was soooooo hot that day I thought I was going to melt...Gavin seemed to not be affected by the heat cause he was having such a great time.  I think we ended up doing 10 rides, watched the pumpkin carvers, ate lunch, watched the California Pixar Parade, attended the Disney Jr Stage Show and played in the water park oh and met Mandi for dinner downtown.  It was such a long day but well worth it.  Of course if you ask him what his favorite was it would always be cars land haha.  This kid is obsessed. 

Loves Cars Land

Love Halloween Time

Sooo hot but having so much fun

These pumpkins are amazing

Disney Jr Stage Show

Water Park time.
Can't wait to take him back again...this time it will be with cooler weather or I really might melt.

Weekend with the Cousins

Last Thursday we celebrated my brother in law Ryan's bday and lucky them, they were heading off to Cabo for the weekend that night as well.  I was so jealous and wanted to pack myself in their suitcase but after my sister packed her stuff there was totally no room at all for me to get in LOL.

Happy 29th B-Day Ryan (for the 10th time)

So with momma and dadda gone for 4 days that meant we got to have a fun filled weekend with the kiddos.  We started the weekend off taking the kids bowling.  I think this has to be one of Britney's most favorite thing to do.  Let me tell you this girl can bowl. 

Having a Blast

Gavin passed out watching Carly's ball roll took FOREVER haha!!
Sunday we decided to take all the kids to the movies.  Brit and Car couldn't wait to see Hotel Transylvania.  I have to say this movie was super cute.  It had so much adult humor.... it totally made it fun for us to watch.  I love watching the kids during a movie cause their innocent laughter at things that are not truly funny makes it funny.  They had a blast and Gavin even did great to.
These kiddos make my heart melt...
~~Cousin Fun~~

Gavin's Last Day of Gym

Gavin has been attending a little gym class for about 7 months now that is based out of the Tae Kwon Do facility my nieces and nephew go......... unfortunately the "Gymtastiks" as they called it wasn't able to grow big so they have decided to cancel it.  I was extremely bummed because Gavin loved his instructor Ms. Vanessa.  I felt that he was really starting to work on everything she has taught him and trying to perfect it.  He loved her.  So I took him to his last class Friday and he happened to be the only one in class.  It was kind of nice cause we started this journey being the 1st student and ended it being the last.  We are gonna miss her. 

Parachute Game for the last time

Doing his somerdault like a champ

Arms up...ready to go

Donkey Kicks

Gavin and Ms. Vanessa

However, the Tae Kwon Do instructors have decided now to turn that class into a Pre Tiny Fighter Tae Kwon Do class.  Usually kids don't start this till they are 3 1/2 or 4 so Gavin not even 2 and 1/2 yet is gonna be attending.  This is gonna be interesting, yet fun. He also will be wearing a uniform just like his cousins do...this is totally gonna make me cry.  I should have the uniform tomorrow so pictures will soon be coming...stay tuned!!!!!!

~~The Little Gym~~

Ellen Here We Come

My wonderful momma happened to score Ellen tickets again......I have been trying for years and she has gotten them twice now.  I totally can't complain cause she still takes me with her tickets LOL.  So my mom and I packed up the car headed out to get my sister in law Anjanette and headed to the Ellen Show.  I will have to admit that all three of us have to be some of the biggest Ellen fans out there.  Besides my brother but I won't get into that cause it is not appropriate for a blog haha.

So we ended up getting to Burbank a few hours early ok ok ok we were the 1st in line we decided to head off to get some lunch.  We went to this old school restaurant that hand the most amazing time we go to Ellen we will have to go back.

Once we were done with lunch we headed back to the holding area and there where hundreds of people we waited on the bench till they called us up to get our passes.

It is Official I can now get in....

We are soooo excited if you can't tell..
So even though we have our pass we still had about an hour till they were leading us to the the mean time they handed us a paper to fill out with a few questions.  One of the questions happen to be about being a Breast Cancer survivor or anyone you know that has lost their battle.  I looked at Anj and told her to write as much as she could to tell her story.  We had no clue what was gonna happen with it but at the end of the taping they called her and a few others to stay and to meet with a lady in the back corner.  So we headed over and they told her they loved her story and wanted to keep in touch with her.  We were all so happy and blessed and I am praying she is picked to spread awareness of Breast Cancer or even a miracle to happen for her. (Below they let us turn on our phones real fast so we snapped a few pictures)
Sooooooo Excited

I had an amazing time at the show and I am so glad my momma scored these again..... I am even more happy that my sister n law Anj was able to go since her surgery is right around the corner.  It was great to see her face light up and have fun.  I hope she was able to forget just a little bit while we were dancing like fools hahaha.  Thanks again momma......XOXO!!!
~~Ellen Show~~

End of Summer Fun & Awards

We had one busy week a while back so I am gonna cram a few things in this blog.......So I took Gavin to the water park a few weeks back...this has been his favorite part of summer and it is great cause this park is right down the street....I was bummed cause they turn it off at the end of September so I had to get our fix in.  Of course he had a blast and wore himself out for a wonderful 3 hour nap...woooo hooo!!

This was one busy week.......we also had the kids Tae Kwon Do Testing which each of them did amazing and are another belt higher. Let me tell you don't mess with my nieces and nephew they can actually kick your butt hahaha

Carly is now a Blue Belt

Britney is now a Blue/Black Belt

Anthony is now Purple

Isabella is now Purple

To finish off this week Carly got an award at school......she received Student Of The Month for 1st grade.  I am so proud of her she is one smart cookie.

I love all these kiddos so much....they are all growing up so fast and yet I am excited for them I have many tears cause I want them all to stay small.