Monday, March 4, 2013

Gavin's Dramatic Owie

Ok ok it isn't that big of a deal but for Gavin it is one of the biggest things to happen to him ever hahaha.  So I thought that this story needed its own blog haha.
While we were at legoland this past weekend for his cousins bdays we were have a great time...we were going on rides checking out all the legos and all of a sudden Gavin tripped and got upset.  He really didn't fall that hard but he had skinned his knee a little bit.  It didn't look bad at all but if anyone knows my kid he is the one that will cry if something is on his shirt or if his hands get dirty so when he saw that his knee was scrapped up he freaked.  Literally got so upset and was quite funny.  So we kept going and he decides to still be upset so grandma gets a band aid out to hopefully cover it and then he will be ok......well not so he keeps saying his knee hurts and he starts limping bahahaha yes my kid was putting on a real show lol.
We finally get him to sit in the stroller to calm down......we finsih up at legoland and head home.  First thing he does when he gets out of car is limp haha he is really working it now.  Then it hit me that this was not gonna be it.....I still had to give him a bath and I knew right when the warm water hit that scrap he was gonna flip....oh boy did he.  He did not like the way that then I grab my "momma kit" and told him that woody and buzz would save the day.
After the bath...
The official OWIE........
Woody and Buzz save the day..
It has been a few days and the scrap is pretty small but he still limps and is I am still saving the day with woody and buzz haha.  Love my little guy and I had to document this Owie and show him when he grows up haha.  I am sure this will not be the last post but 1st of many Owies he will have as he grows up.  Crossing my fingers they are only this bad cause I don't think I could handle if he was really hurt.



Legoland Fun

The girls right now are into legos like you wouldn't believe...Britney started it around Christmas when she got a few presents and it has grown into an obsession haha.  She loves loves loves them.  So when my sister asked the girls what they wanted to do for their birthdays of course Legoland came up and it was a big YES and nothing else.  So the girls invited one friend each and we were off to Legoland.......It was pretty funny cause Gavin thought it was his birthday that day cause we were celebrating the girls a few days earlier and he thought it was his haha he didn't understand that his was in June he would cry when I told him it wasn't.  Poor kid was so sad but I promised a toy at the end and he was happy haha.  The kids had soooo much fun.....I have never been here and was really excited to go.  We will definitely come back again...maybe plan the water park that was closed as well.
Here we go....

Waiting in line for the first ride..

Carly, Hailey, Britney and Reese...such big girls!!

Riding with momma...

The A team won the race...Gavin had so much fun with Belly and Ant
Walking with Smuncle he loved hanging with him....
Eating lunch with the girls

Playing on the largest playground ever....
Reese and Britney Rock Climbing

Carly and Hailey
San Fran made out of all amazing
Hahaha poor Carly was so scared

Gavin and his 1st set of trucks and a fire truck.
We had so much fun at Legoland.....I can't wait to go back and take Gavin again.....he loved it and we didn't even have time to see everything there.  Gonna have to plan another trip soon.  Happy Birthday Brit and Car thank you for allowing us to share your special day with you, 

Happy Birthday Carly

Happy 7th Birthday
It is official my nieces are not babies anymore......after celebrating Brit's bday my baby baby niece Carly turned 7 a few days later.......I honestly can not believe she is 7.  This was my little peanut that has grown into a little girl over night.  So crazy how fast these kids grew up.
Carly wanted everyone over on her actual birthday to have her favorite dinner Beef Stroganoff and a chocolate cake.......she is pretty easy as well.  So we headed over for some dinner and presents then we had to get home so we could get a good nights sleep for the big celebration at Legoland.
Justin Bieber Party of course...

Opening presents....

Make a wish....
Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carly......we love you so much!!

Happy Birthday Britney

Happy 8th Birthday
My beautiful niece Britney Briana Busnardo turned 8 on Feb. 27th.......seriously 8?????  How did this fly by so fast?  All I know is these kiddos are growing up way to fast and I am not liking it........they need to slow down haha. 
So Briney decided she just wanted to have us over for dinner on her actual birthday then plan to go to Legoland that following Saturday for her actual party.  So we headed over and Erin cooked Brit's favorite dinner....tacos haha.  Yep Brit is super easy and only wanted tacos and ice cream.  Love that girl haha..
Haha love this picture!!
Happy Birthday To you.....
Opening presents.....she loved Grandpa Ricks Card that turned into a crown!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Britney....we love you so much!!!

Sunday Funday

A few weeks ago we headed to the swap meet to have a little fun walking around and finding things that we really didn't need but thought we had to have haha it always works that way when we go there. So my sister loaded up the kids along with mom and gpa and we headed off........I think we picked the worst day in history to attend the swap meet.  We got there parked and they said come on in it is free today......we were so excited we love free but once we walked in we realized why it was free......about 75% of the vendors were not there.....we had picked the windiest day ever and none of the vendors showed up or they came and said heck no we are out.  The winds were really really bad, but we stuck with it frizzy hair and chapped lips and all. We were still able to find some things but we are for sure gonna have to go back and get what we did find.  The kids had a blast and were the ones that scored.
Lovin the shades Auntie Erin Got him....

The kids walking around looking for places to shop
After the swap meet we headed to lunch the I had to go meet Adam at work cause he ended up getting some tickets to the Ducks Game that night and they were glass seats by one of the goals.  This was gonna be Gavin's first hockey game so we were really excited.  I text my brother the #1 Fan of the Ducks and told him not to be mad at me not that I was going but that we had amazing seats haha.....he text me back that he was already there.  Of course he was haha but it was pretty cool we were going the same night he was without planning it.  We were actually two sections away from each other so we were able to see him the whole game.
He is so excited to watch his 1st hockey game
He couldn't take his eyes off the Duck Girls.....seriously this kid was in heaven haha
Met Jay and Anj in between periods Gavin was so excited to see them
Here is Adam who said he was going to go to the bathroom and was missing forever.....he had to get a picture with the duck haha
SUNDAY FUNDAY was a success.....we had so much was a very very long day but made some good memories for Gavin!!

Valentines Day 2013

Will You Be My Valentine?

Who couldn't say yes to this love love him soooooo much.  In this house we aren't really big on Valentines Day.....I don't think there is one day you should show your love to others but in the spirit of the "holiday" we decided to spend time with Gavin and take him to Disneyland for the day.  He of course didn't say no to the idea haha.  It worked out well cause Valentines Day fell on a Thursday this year which is Adams day we packed up the car and headed to the happiest place on earth.
Gavin had a blast he wanted to show daddy all of his favorite rides that we go on and show him all the toys he wanted and of course he ended up roping daddy into getting him a few new toys to add to his collection.  Gavin was most excited about the Cars backpack auntie Erin gave him for Valentines Day that he had to wear and if he wasn't wearing it momma had too....
He thinks he is sooooo cool here with his shades and backpack
Tractor Ride at Carsland......Gavs favorite.
We had so much fun spending time with Gavin on Valentines Day.  Love when we are able to spend time as a family and being able to watch Gavin smile and enjoy life.  These men are my world love love love them with all of my heart...XOXO!!