Thursday, October 4, 2012

End of Summer Fun & Awards

We had one busy week a while back so I am gonna cram a few things in this blog.......So I took Gavin to the water park a few weeks back...this has been his favorite part of summer and it is great cause this park is right down the street....I was bummed cause they turn it off at the end of September so I had to get our fix in.  Of course he had a blast and wore himself out for a wonderful 3 hour nap...woooo hooo!!

This was one busy week.......we also had the kids Tae Kwon Do Testing which each of them did amazing and are another belt higher. Let me tell you don't mess with my nieces and nephew they can actually kick your butt hahaha

Carly is now a Blue Belt

Britney is now a Blue/Black Belt

Anthony is now Purple

Isabella is now Purple

To finish off this week Carly got an award at school......she received Student Of The Month for 1st grade.  I am so proud of her she is one smart cookie.

I love all these kiddos so much....they are all growing up so fast and yet I am excited for them I have many tears cause I want them all to stay small.


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