Friday, September 14, 2012

Anniversary Get Away

Adam and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on Monday Sept 10th.  I can not believe it has already been 7 years since the day I married my best friend.  It feels like forever haha just kidding babe.....but really time has flown by.  I am very very blessed to be married to this man and even more blessed that he gave me a beautiful and amazing little boy.  I honestly couldn't see my life without these two men in it.  THEY MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!!!!!

Wow 7years ago!!!

Ok ok enough of the sappy stuff.......this year Adam and I decided to head off to Rancho Mirage and check out a hotel called Rancho Las Palmas.  We decided to go there because we wanted to bring Gavin along with us and have a little family vacation together and this place was amazing for kids.  It has two water slides, a lazy river pool, beach entry with sand, splash park and even more pools.  Our room looked right over the kids part of the pool it was perfect.

Picture of the front office and restaurant

View from our room...lazy river and splash park

Two water slides

Our was so nice.

So we checked in Monday and headed straight to the pool....Gavin had no fear and jumped right in.  We put some floaties on him for the weekend to make it a little easier for him to swim around.  He did take swim lessons again this year but we wanted to him to have a little more freedom and fun.  After a few hours of swimming we headed back to the room to get ready and go find a place to eat for dinner.  Gavin was so tired from all the swimming we literally stopped at the first place we saw and said lets do it.....we ended up at Old Spaghetti Factory haha love that place....Gavin even loved it cause of the train inside.

Off to the Pool

Dinner time!!!
After dinner we headed back to the hotel so we could get Gavin to bed.  The next morning Adam left early for golf and Gavin and I took advantage of the blackout curtains and slept till 8:30 haha that's sleeping in for me these days.  Well we got up and daddy happened to be coming up to the holes that were by our room so we headed out to see him play the two holes.  Gavin was so excited to see daddy driving in the golf cart hitting the balls.  He even told him to hit the balls in the water hahaha he has no clue that that's not what you do but hey he loved it anyways.  I got this great picture of Gavin watching his daddy.......totally a framer.
Love my boys!!
So Adam left to finish his round and Gavin and I headed off to the now it's only like 9 in the morning haha and we are already to swim the day away.  Usually when we come to Palm Desert we are fighting to get a seat at the pool...well coming the weekend after Labor Day is now the time I am gonna come.  There was maybe 20 people total at the pool and the weather was cooler than home.  It did not get over 90 degrees and the humidity was not bad at all it was wonderful.  We ended up spending over 4 hours in the pool then we headed up to the room and Gavin passed out for a nap.  Adam left and played another round cause they gave him a special in the morning for his anniversary...all he paid was $10 and he could golf all day.  Gavin only slept an hour and half then we headed back down to the pool for another 4 hour s of swimming then we headed off to dinner. 
Playing in the sand...

Swimming with daddy!!!

Momma cheesssssssseeeee!!!
Well the next morning I think we were all a bit tired from all the swimming and golfing we woke up a bit early and got ready to go to The Living Desert.  I never knew they had a Zoo out in Palm Desert so we wanted to check it out.  Gavin loves animals so why not check it out.  It was actually larger than I expected and they had a lot of animals.  Gavin got to see the giraffes, ostriches, zebras, camels, long horned sheep, mountain lions, leopards, eagles, snakes, turtles and the list can go on and on.  Also all of the desert gardens and trails.  Below are a few of the pictures I took of the animals Gavin really loved.

We had an amazing little vacation and I can not wait to do it again.....SOON haha.  Can't believe we are already celebrating our 7th anniversary you so much.  Thank you for a wonderful anniversary so blessed to be able to share it with my wonderful boys!!!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Cooley Family Reunion

So this past weekend my moms side of the family got together for a little family reunion.  My aunt Teresa flew in from Utah and her brothers Ronnie and Norman drove down for the weekend.  It has been about 23 years since all four of them have been together in the same room.  I am so happy, blessed and grateful that my Uncle Ronnie has finally come back into all of our lives.  We missed his funny, crazy and loving personality for so long.

So the weekend started off when my uncle Ronnie took Friday off and went with my mom to pick up my aunt Teresa from the airport.  She had no clue Ronnie was gonna be there and this was gonna be the 1st time she has seen or spoken to him in 20ish years.  So she saw my mom and my mom started filming and Teresa looks over and sees Ronnie and started crying and didn't say a word.  The hung and kiss they shared was priceless.  So much love they all have.

So the next day all of them came over to my moms and we hung out looking at old photos and talked all day.  We then cooked dinner and had my family and Erin's family over for dinner.  So much fun all of us together laughing and telling stories of everyone haha.  Sunday was a chill BBQ day at my sister's.......we all hung out and the kids swam.  It was so good to see my mom with her family again.  It has been way to long.  We even got to Skype Grandpa and June.  That was so much fun.  They got to talk to everyone and the kids loved it.  It was so great for them to see how big the kids have gotten and it was even better to see my grandparents.  I love and miss them so much.

1st Hug with Teresa and Ronnie

Finally all together again

Uncle Norman taking Gavin to see his Harley

He even let him sit on it and he loved it

What a crazy bunch

Talking to Grandpa and June...Love and miss them soooo much!!

I am gonna have to say that this reunion better not take another 23 years to happen. Hopefully we all can get together again soon. Love and miss them all so much already!!!
~Family Reunion~

Grimes Family Visit

So a few weeks back my Uncle Randy and my cousin Lindsey came down from Oregon for a few days to visit.  Lindsey even brought her newest addition to the family baby Hunter.  It has been a few years since we have seen each other so it was a very long over due visit.  We tried to do as much as we could while they were down but just sitting around talking and catching up is what we loved to do best.  We only had a few days to visit cause my uncle had prior obligations to attend too for the few days he was here so he had to run around and get those done.  I miss seeing my Oregon family reminds me of all the wonderful times we were together as kids with Grandma.  We for sure are planning our next trip up North soon. 

While we were down we had to take Lindsey to the beach since she has never seen the California beach before.  They moved to Oregon when she was so little she never got to see it.  Of course we had to eat at Ruby's on the pier to break her in a little.  It was so much fun and it was actually Gavin's first time at the beach.....yes yes yes I did say FIRST time.   I know I know I am a bad mom and have not taken him yet haha.   He was a little scared at first cause grandpa just pretty much made him stand by the water and a wave knocked him over.  He then wanted to wash his hands cause he was all sandy haha.  That is my OCD child for ya.....he did get over it and had a blast.

Next to the Lifeguard truck

Eating lunch with the fam

Not sure of the sandy toes haha

And here is where grandpa let him fall into the water haha
While they were down we of course had to do a little shopping and more shopping haha......we did all this while we dropped off my uncle while he was visiting his friends.  It was really nice Lindsey and I got to spend some time together buying our little boys everything haha.  After that we spent some time with Brit and Car so they could see them and of course Britney had to hold baby Hunter....she is gonna be the best babysitter for Gavin and a great momma one day.

The girls with Hunter
The entire time they were here Gavin was constantly asking for Baby Hunter and wanted to play with him and hold him.  He would get mad if the baby was taking a nap in the room cause he wasn't where he could see him.  I got this picture the night before they left Gavin loved having a little one around!! 

Gav and Hunter
Gonna Miss the Grimes side of the family....hopefully we will get together soon!!

Gavin's 1st Angel Game

So a few weeks back Adam got a call from one of the banks he deals with at work and they asked him if he wanted some Angel Game tickets for that night.  Adam looked at me and I said that would be fun cause we can finally take Gavin to his first game.  So he called back and said yes.  Of course I wanted to be prepared and find Gav a new shirt for the game so I drove around everywhere and found nothing...I finally gave in a was just gonna buy one at the game.  So bummed he didn't fit into his old ones he got.  Oh we called up my dad and asked if he wanted to go and he said yes so we loaded up and headed to Adam's work to pick them up.  At this point we have no clue where the seats were......just gonna have fun no matter what.

So we get to Adam's work and grab the tickets and I look at them to see if I can look them up and find where they were.....well I knew that were gonna be great because each one said $150 each.  4 free tickets and parking ok we will take it.

We finally get to our seats and up they were amazing.......we were 15 rows behind home plate.  I am gonna say if this is gonna be the first game Gavin went to the view was amazing.  Once we got seated I took Gav to the store and of course we had to get a shirt, hat and a rally monkey....haha this kid works me every time.  Gavin is now hooked and loves baseball games.

Not a bad view

Of course Gav worked me for a shirt, hat and rally monkey

My 2 1/2 men haha
~Go Angels~