Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa Time

Santa Time
Today Gavin and I headed off to Bass Pro Shops to meet up with Jamie, Madison and Baby B to get their pictures taken with Santa.  We were talking about it at Madison's birthday and I realized I needed to get him to see Santa quick since Christmas is a week from today.  So Jamie mention Bass Pro Shops so we decided to take the kiddos there.  I have never been here at Christmas time, I have to say they go all out for these kids.  They have free pictures with Santa, carousel rides, coloring, crafts etc.  We will for sure be doing this place every year it was great for Gav.
So I went into this photo with Santa with an open mind hahaha.   From previous experiences like with the Easter Bunny Gavin cried and screamed his eyes out and I was not able to capture him and the bunny so I was not quite sure how this was gonna go down.  Gavin right now is in a shy stage and is a but afraid of some people and dressed up characters....however I told myself if he is the kid that will be throwing himself on the floor or is beat red and not breathing I will take it.  I was determined to get them in a photo together anyway I could.  So it was our turn to take a picture and I was shocked Gavin was holding the ladies hand and walked up to Santa and gave him a high five and knuckles......I was so happy that this might actually work this year......then I get this picture below....hahahaha his face says it all......SERIOUSLY MOM!!! 
Hey I will take this picture any day.......we are getting there haha.  He had so much fun and keeps asking about Santa and wants to go back.  Maybe next we will have a smile.  Here are a few more pictures of the day with Santa.
Walking up to Santa....

Waiting in line with the girls

Riding on the reindeer

Writing Santa a letter

Mailing his letter to Santa

The kiddos watching the fish

Weekend with my Nieces

Weekend fun with my Nieces
I love this time of year when the kids are out of school for a few weeks cause Britney and Carly can spend a few nights at my house and have sleep overs with Gavin.  These cousins have so much fun together.  So I picked the girls up Sunday and we headed off to Madison's 4th birthday party.....I can't believe she is already 4.  Time has flown by way too fast.  The girls had so much fun with all the kids at the party.....they didn't want to leave. 
Madison, Britney and Car
Britney and Madison

Some of the kiddos

Madison and Gavin
My Little Pirate
After the party we headed home to my house for a slumber party and of course I told them we could decorate gingerbread houses and trains.  The girls had way too much fun.....I think they all were on a massive sugar high from eating all the candy decorations and licking their fingers a million times with the icing.  But in the end they had a blast.  Love having them all together!!
Starting to build it///
Decorating time...

Passed out!!

More Disney Christmas Fun

Disneyland Fun
I love love love Christmas time at Disneyland.......the parks are decorated so cute and Gavin loves watching the parade with Santa.  So I have been trying to use our passes up as much as I can and get in before it is too crazy at Disneyland for the holiday.  So last week one of my best friends Nichole and her daughter Janie met Gavin and I for the night.  Let me tell you Gavin and Janie have to be the cutest kids together.....they have so much fun and they were jabber jaws the whole night to each other.  Seriously Gavin asks about her everyday it doesn't matter if we are going to the grocery store he asks if Janie is there that he has a little girl crush.  I will allow it with Janie cause I love her momma haha and we both wouldn't mind if they married each other.
Gavin having fun at Cars Land

Saving a spot for Janie for the Parade and eating ice cream

Having a snack waiting for the parade

Love these two.....

Waiving to Santa at the Parade they were soooo excited!!!
Can't wait to head back to Disneyland......might have to be after the holidays cause of the crowds but we will be back soon.  This is Gavin's favorite place to go and I will do anything to keep that smile on his face when he gets to go.....melts my heart to see the joy in his eyes.!!!

The Kids Are Another Belt Higher

Tae Kwon Do Testing

So proud of my nieces and nephew.....they did an amazing job this weekend at their Tae Kwon Do Testing.  Each one of them received their next belt and my little Carly swept the awards.  Carly received student of the month, her splits patch and two more patches for her yellow striped she received.  They did great......Gavin is doing so good in his class as well....he is still too young to test but he was able to be there in his uniform and show his support. 

I am gonna have to say watch out for these kiddos you do not want to mess with them!!!

Carly and Bear testing

Ant and Belly being goof balls

All the kiddos!!!

Christmas Crafting

Christmas Crafts
Gavin had such a fun time last month doing some thanksgiving crafts with some friends and he was even more excited that they invited him again to do some Christmas Crafts. So one of my best friends Jamie invited us to her house last month for Thanksgiving crafts and Gavin had a blast.  Jamie invited us to join them again for Christmas crafts at her cousin Jennifer's house and of course Gavin was super excited again.  So we went to the store and bought some dessert to bring over and Gavin grabbed a bunch of candy canes filled with M&M's so I asked him if he wanted to bring one to all of his friends and of course he grabbed more.  So we put a little tag on it to give them as little mini gifts for his friends.
Gavin had so much fun again.....the kids were excited for the 1st few crafts then they just wanted to play and run around and so us moms got stuck finishing the crafting....haha!!  They had fun playing and running around can't wait to do another holiday craft night.
Here are all the kids doing picture I could get with 8 kids

Picture of all the crafts we made.....Can't wait to keep these in Gav's Craft box!!

Thanks Ladies I had a great time.......our kids are around somewhere making a mess!!

Girls Day

Heading To "The Talk" daytime show

A few weeks ago one of my best friends Tiffany asked me if I would like to go with her and some people to a taping of the daytime show "The Talk".......of course I couldn't pass up on a little mini girls day and a talk show of gossip haha. So we headed to LA for the day and were ready for some fun. Tiffany had gotten tickets for a double taping so we got to see two shows. I had so much fun and on top of a mini girls day.....the shows were Christmas shows and we came home with around $1500 of goodies. We were so excited haha it was like we just saw Santa lol.

We got a diamond watch, gift cards, kitchen stuff and much more. I think this is gonna have to be an annual event and we go every Christmas haha. Thanks Tiff so much I had a blast and now have a ton of fun things.