Sunday, January 20, 2013

1st Disneyland Trip of the New Year

Disneyland Fun
Ready for D-Land
We have been trying to make it to Disneyland for a few weeks now but since Gavin was sick for a few weeks we kept pushing it back.  Nichole and I finally nailed the day down and took the kiddos this week.  Gavin was so excited to see his "Girlfriend" Janie.  He loves hanging out with her so much.  So Thursday we packed the kids up and headed off to the happiest place on earth.  Nichole brought Jake and her sister Kellie met us there as well with her two kids l.  Gavin was excited to hang out with all of the kiddos.
We started the day off at California Adventure went on a ton of rides then headed to Disneyland and went on many more.  It was not crowded at all.....pretty much walk on every ride for these kiddos. 
Toy Story ride.....he can finally pull the trigger on his own

We saw Jesse he ran and gave her a big huggy

Reese, Janie and Gavin with Jesse

Riding on Dumbo
We had such a great day with the kids...can't wait to take them back.  I love seeing the joy on Gavin's face when we go.  I also love how much these kids love hanging out together.  Hopefully they grow up to be the bestest of friends like their mommas are.
Gavin and Janie!!!

Happy Birthday Isabella

Isabella is Turning 14
Really is she really 14 already?  I can not believe my little niece is already 14 years old.  Seriously time has gone by way too fast on this one. I still remember the 2 year old baby girl sick as a dog on Christmas day who only wanted you to hold her and give her kisses.  Now this little girl can't wait to go shopping and hang out with friends.  Stop growing up little one I am not ready for it.
 Shopping Spree at the mall on Her Birthday
Birthday Dinner at King's with the Fam
Love you so much Isabella you truly are a beautiful young lady and I am so proud of you...XOXO!!!

A Day In Hollywood

Welcome to Hollywood
A few weeks ago my mom got the grandkids tickets to see Monsters Inc 3D at the old El Capitan theatre in Hollywood.  I have never been to the old theatre and was really excited to take Gavin for his first time as well.  We took Brit, Car, Isabella, AMA, Gav and myself and headed down for a day in Hollywood.
We left a little early to get parking and find out where we were going.  Well once we got there the girls were ready to read every Hollywood star on the walk of fame.  They were so excited when they would read a name they knew.  We parked right by the Graumanns Chinese Theatre and stopped to check it out. The kids had so much fun putting their hands and feet on the famous stars square.  Of course I had a bottle of hand sanitizer so I didn't freak out too much haha.
Belly and her boy Taylor Lautner
Gavin found himself Robin Williams hands haha
 After we did the hands and feet we still had some time to spare so the girls really wanted to find Ellen Degeneres so I googled where her star was and it was about a mile away, so we had some time before the movie we started walking to find it.....ummmm you don't really realize how far that mile was until you stop at every red light, carried a the kid and had to walk through a million people.  Well we finally found it and the girls were extremely excited.  Now we had to take that mile walk back hahaha you can say we didn't think this out through lol.
Belly found my girl Jennifer Aniston as well...
So now that we were extremely tired it was time to go to the movies.  We checked in and I guess mom bought VIP seats so they gave us a bucket of popcorn each and a drink and ushered us to our seats.  Gonna have to say VIP style was still cheaper than going to the normal movies haha.  the kids were so excited Gavin is in love with this movie right now.
The theater
All the kiddos

Balcony seats

The mini show before the movie
Gavin and Brit ready for the movie to start
The kids had such a great time....we are for sure gonna have to do this again.  It was such a great day with the kiddos I love trying new things and making new memories with them.  Thanks again AMA for taking us to the movies!!!

Woo Hoo It's a New Year

Happy New Year 2013
New years for us didn't start off the best not only were my nieces and mom super sick for weeks......Gavin got extremely sick as well.  He has never been this sick.....he had the worst fever, sinus infection, throat infection, cough and ear infection.  It was a miserable week till his meds finally kicked in.  Those fevers scare me so heart aches for him cause there is nothing I can do but hold him and give him all the love. 
This Face broke my heart he was in sooooo much pain
I do love his little heart cause he is having an issue understanding how to share....but when it came to his medicine he was ready to share no problem haha the picture below he had to let Sully from Monsters Inc share his breathing treatment meds.....
Gavin was still out of it for New Years luckily we stayed in cause he wouldn't have made it anywhere else.  My sister had plans and needed a sitter so I watched the girls for her at their house for New Years.  We all were pretty much in our PJ's the whole night.  However, Isabella did rope me into painting her room cause she got everything to paint it for Christmas and since I was there she hit me of course I said yes.  Brit and Car were still getting over their sickness so I threw those kids in Brit's room with movies and went to paint with belly.

Love the Tiffany Blue color she picked for her room.  two coats of blue per wall and two coats of white and we were done.  Only 6 hours later haha.  By the time we were done I looked at the clock and it was 11pm.  I totally forgot it was new years haha.  So I found the hats and horns and got all the kiddos ready.  Adam came over for a little bit we counted down and 10 minutes after midnight all the kiddos were in bed haha.
Love my Beautiful Nieces!!!!

Here is our New Years group...... I found an app on my phone with a timer for the camera and was able to capture us all. 
Cheers to the New Year!!!!

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas
I can not believe how fast Christmas came around this year.  I swear after having Gavin life has really started going by way way to fast.  Gavin is already 2 1/2 !!!!!  However, I do love this age...he is always telling me stories and repeating EVERYTHING and really wanting to learn.  So this year I wanted to get him bigger toys.  So we got him a little indoor trampoline, Home Depot Workbench, LeapPad and an easel.  Of course I had to get him some little toys but I really wanted to get things that kept him busy cause this little boy is on the go all the time.
Here are a few of the gifts that Santa left out
I was so excited this year cause Gavin actually liked to open things now....I couldn't wait for the morning time to see his first reaction to the gifts from Santa and all the other toys he was gonna open. 
1st Look

He is ready to build something

Jumpy Jump..

Ripping the presents open...

New adjustable golf clubs from daddy..
We had such a wonderful Christmas this year.....I just know every year is gonna be more exciting as Gavin gets older.  I think I am still lucky cause he isn't old enough to really tell me what he wants.  he isn't at the age where he wants that one thing that mommy has to wait in line for hours to get........I can really wait for those days to come.  Once again I am so thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful family...I really hope this new year makes our wishes come true!!

Merry Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Time
So this year it was my year to host Christmas Eve with the family...unfortunately Carly and Brit were super sick so we changed it and headed over to their house instead.  We had our traditional tamale night which was super yummy...then we let all the kiddos open the gifts from the aunties and uncles and grandma.  We usually have to break it up this way cause Christmas day is already crazy enough.
Gavin was sooooooo into opening gifts this year.......he did not hesitate one bit when it came to the mount of gifts he got from his auntie and grandma......of course his uncle and grandpas too but we all know auntie and grandma like to spoil him rotten. 
New man cave chair for Gav from auntie Erin

Presents just from aunties and grandparents...missing about 50 more to the right

Gav opening up his gifts
After opening all of these presents we got the kiddos ready for bed and tucked in tight for Santa...we did our traditional wrapping the door so they couldn't sneak out...

Once we got these kiddos all ready I finally headed home and got Gav ready for bed and put out cookies, red bull, beer and milk hahaha our Santa likes a little variety to drink...

Love that Gavin is getting more and more excited for holidays....can't wait till he really understands what Christmas is all about!!

Disney On Ice


Well maybe I should start this post off by saying Happy New Year......I guess you could say I am a little behind on my blogging.  Once Thanksgiving rolled around I blinked and it was now 2013 lol.  So I guess better late than never on the blogging.

So my mom ordered Disney On Ice tickets for all the grand kids as an early Christmas Present...she also ended up getting us adult kids some tickets too.  I was actually excited cause I love anything Disney.....I guess you can thank my brother for that one.  So we made it a night and headed off on our adventure. 


We had such a good getting together with the family.  I am gonna have to say the Disney On Ice was pretty cute. I was not a fan of the Princess and the Frog set but I loved the Cinderella and I have to say Tangled was my favorite.  Brit was super super sick but was a trooper and hung in there to watch the whole thing.  Gavin and Carly of course loved it and couldn't take their eyes off the show.  I actually can't wait to see what next year will be.  I can see this being a family tradition in the making.

My beautiful sista in law and brotha

He couldn't take his eyes off the show...

Gavs Favorite....Tangled!!

Minnie waiving to the kiddos

Love these boys!!!