Monday, April 22, 2013

She is having a......!!!!!!!!!!

One of my bestest friends Mandi is finally pregnant with her 1st little bundle of joy and we all couldn't be any more excited for her.  She has been trying for over a year or so and it has finally happen for them.  So instead of the traditional way of just letting everyone know what you are having like a phone call, text or announcement, Mandi decided to have a Gender Reveal Party where all of her close family and friends get together and the sex of the baby will be revealed.  Well of course Mandi put another spin on this party........she didn't even know the sex of the baby ONLY I DID!!!!!!

Ok so lets start from the beginning......So Mandi was  planning this party in the theme of pink and mint.  Everything was a girl color and a boy color. We did different desserts in the mint and pink, tissue poms, table cloths you name it which all came together to make an amazing dessert table which was the center of the party and then we made the secret box. This box was to hold the color balloons in which the sex of the baby was gonna be and she was to open it in front of everyone and find out when everyone else found out. So for weeks we were getting everything together and made.

Last Monday was the day.....the day she had the ultrasound to find out the sex....Well ok the day I was to find out the sex.  The ultrasound technician turned off all monitors so Mandi and Anthony could not see, she found the sex and printed it onto a few ultrasound pictures then sealed it into on envelope and handed it straight to me.  Mandi and Anthony were still able to see a few profile views but not the exciting part on knowing if it was a boy or a girl.

OMG this past week has been the hardest week for me......I was holding a secret that every mother to be really wants to know which is what am I having haha.  But the week did fly by pretty fast and before you know it we were setting up for the party and only being a few hours away from the reveal.  Below are a few pictures of the party....
Box is filled and ready for reveal....
The Finished product
Me with the momma to be
Making their predictions
Ok so it was about time for the reveal.....we got everyone into place and I was getting the box ready.  I placed the box where everyone could see and was pulling the tape off so all they had to do was lift each side of the lid and out come the balloons......I was so stressed the balloons were gonna be popped or stuck haha I made Adam practice at home when I was putting the balloons in the box at home before we sealed it....I think we opened the box like 20 times haha.
AND IT'S A...........
We all are so happy for the Shearer's who will be welcoming Baby Weston in September...woohooo can't wait.  Now it's baby shower time haha.

It's T-Ball Time

I can not begin to explain how excited I am that Gavin is starting T-Ball.  It is actually not the real league cause he is not old enough but it is pretty much the same.  My mom found this 6 week T-Ball session through the city so we thought we would sign him up and give it a try.  Gavin is not old enough for the league T-Ball which is 4 or 5 but this class was offered for kids 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 so of course you know it was gonna be fun.

So last weekend was his first was a skills class which was all about throwing, stopping the ball, running the bases and just trying to figure it all out.  Remember these are little toddlers so things don't go to plan hahaha.  There were kiddos running everywhere haha.  I was really happy with Gavin though cause he did everything the coaches were asking him to do and he was not afraid at all.  He did get a little upset when this one little boy kept grabbing his glove off his hand and running away with it hahaha.  But since this is pretty much a mommy or daddy and me T-Ball the dad was nice and made him give it back.

Ready for my 1st Day

Warming up with the kidds and the coaches...

In his ready stance to stop the ball...

In his first team huddle...

I can not be any happier with Gavin......I know this is great for him to learn the skills of the game and to be around other kids.  Makes me sad that he is already involved in sports time is going by way too fast.  We just had his first little game this past Saturday.  It was super fun cause they only play three loooonnnnnggg innings haha.  They give each player a turn to bat and the opposite team will field and throw the ball.  Then they will switch.  They are still too young to keep score but let me tell ya my little man can hit that ball off that Tee.  Yep he is gonna be like his momma when it comes to sports (Sorry Adam I still Love Ya) haha. 

His first team shirt..

Ready to catch the ball....
I can not wait to see how much he grows with this sport I hope he loves it as much as I did.  We are so proud of you Gavin...XOXO!!

Happy Birthday to my Sista!!

Earlier this month we celebrated Erin's birthday at the beach.  Their family headed down to Surf and Sand Hotel in Laguna for a few days and invited us down for one of the days so Gavin could play at the beach and we could celebrate with a nice dinner.  I know this is sad but this was Gavin's 2nd time at the beach ever......I know I know we live in California and my son has only been to the beach twice...haha I am a horrible mother I just hate hate hate sand.  Well at least for his 2nd visit he was at a 5star hotel sitting under an umbrella and some chairs and had the chance to take a shower right after he that is how I like to roll to the beach haha. 
So happy to be at the beach

He loved to be buried
My Favorite Picture...Adam, Gav and I making our mark at the beach
So we got down there and all the kiddos played in the sand and in the water for a while.  We finally called it a day and went to the rooms to get the kiddos ready for dinner.......I can not begin to tell you how many pounds of sand we got of these kids it was pretty bad.  Finally we all were ready and decided we had a few minutes for Erin to open all her gifts before dinner which was only a 20 foot walk from the room to the restaurant.  This restaurant was amazing they had such great food we all were stuffed and were happy that the room was only 20 feet away cause we could roll right out haha.
Opening gifts...

Sister I hope you had a Wonderful Birthday We Love You So Much!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter

Yep ladies and gentlemen that is a smile on my kids face while he is on the Easter Bunny's lap.  We had a successful picture taking session this yeat whooohooo hahaha.  I was so happy that my kid didn't freak out this year.  He was a little hesitant but once I warmed him up for a little bit he actually was ok haha.  Now lets see if we are successful with Santa this year or I might be getting the death stare again from him lol. 
Gavin is growing up so much fun now that he understands what the Easter Bunny is all about.  He even had a blast coloring eggs this year and actually said they were for the Easter Bunny.  Love that he gets so excited over holidays.
Coloring Eggs with the Cousins
This year for Easter we headed off to my sisters and of course made to much food and ate to many sweets.  We had a huge Easter Egg hunt like we do every year but this year was even better because Gavin actually ran around and collected the eggs all on his own.  He had so much fun.
Gavin's basket from the Easter Bunny

Thanking his Auntie Erin for his basket

Swimming with the kiddos

Finding all the eggs

Our little family picture on Easter credit goes to our little Carly haha.

Golf Day with Daddy

Daddy is on a mission to have Gavin be the next Tiger Woods haha.  Everyday off that Adam has he gets Gavin and throws him in the car (yes with his car seat) and they head off to the driving range.  I love it they get to spend some quality time together doing things they both love to do.  So last week when I was taking Belly shopping Adam said he wanted to take Gavin golfing so I went in his room and found an outfit Grandpa Paul had bought him for Christmas........I put it on him and about cried he looked so grown up and fit the theme of the day perfectly....below are some pictures of the day daddy and Gavin had together.  First they went to the driving range then came home and took a nap then went back out after Gavin woke up and went and played a few holes at the local golf course haha.  Yes my husband is crazy over golf hahaha

Gavin with his Golf outfit on.....yes those are slacks with a belt!!
First ride on a real course

Yes he had to make sure he raked his foot prints

That's my boy on the fairway
Love seeing how happy Gavin is when he is "Hitting the Ball" as he says with his daddy.  So happy they get to spend this time I need to plan a momma day when they are gone haha

Spring Break Fun

So the kids have been on Spring Break for the past week so we have to find things to keep them busy...luckily Easter was coming up so we colored Easter eggs, had lunch with some friends, Erin's birthday was coming up so we went birthday shopping and finally took them to the movies which is always a go to when we have the time.  So I guess you can say we have been busy...

The girls wanted to see a movie called The Croods...I had no clue what it was about but it was super funny and cute and of course Gavin loved it.  His favorite thing I think about the movie theater is the popcorn haha....
About to watch the movie

Oh yes I got my popcorn haha
Having Lunch with Some Friends
So a few days later I took Belly shopping so we could go get Erin some birthday presents.  We haven't had our one on one time much lately so it was nice to spend time with Belly doing what we both love which is to shop and eat.  Adam took Gavin for the day so it was nice to be baby free for a little bit as well.  So we headed off to the mall where we spend way too much money and had a nice lunch where I had to snap an embarrassing picture of her when she was drinking her milkshake that had splattered in her face lol
Love getting to hang out with my little loves....anytime I can spend time with them makes my day.

Happy Birthday Mom aka Grandma aka Ama

I know I know it is April and I am blogging about March.....I am so behind but hey at least I am getting to it haha.  Life is getting busy around her and sitting down alone or with some quite time is getting less and less these days. 

This past March we celebrated my Mom's birthday.  Of course she didn't want to do anything or want anything for her birthday but you know us we can't just skip it.  So we got her a few gifts that she has been wanting and took her to Taps Fish House for a nice dinner and spent a few hours talking and relaxing it was really nice.  Mom does so much for us all it is finally time she puts her feet up and relaxes for a change and actually have a day just for her.  Mom thank you for all that you do for us we appreciate it beyond words.  We all would be lost without you.  We love you with all of our heart and hope you had a wonderful birthday!!