Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekend with the Cousins

Last Thursday we celebrated my brother in law Ryan's bday and lucky them, they were heading off to Cabo for the weekend that night as well.  I was so jealous and wanted to pack myself in their suitcase but after my sister packed her stuff there was totally no room at all for me to get in LOL.

Happy 29th B-Day Ryan (for the 10th time)

So with momma and dadda gone for 4 days that meant we got to have a fun filled weekend with the kiddos.  We started the weekend off taking the kids bowling.  I think this has to be one of Britney's most favorite thing to do.  Let me tell you this girl can bowl. 

Having a Blast

Gavin passed out watching Carly's ball roll took FOREVER haha!!
Sunday we decided to take all the kids to the movies.  Brit and Car couldn't wait to see Hotel Transylvania.  I have to say this movie was super cute.  It had so much adult humor.... it totally made it fun for us to watch.  I love watching the kids during a movie cause their innocent laughter at things that are not truly funny makes it funny.  They had a blast and Gavin even did great to.
These kiddos make my heart melt...
~~Cousin Fun~~

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