Monday, June 11, 2012

Turning Dirty Thirty

So I have now joined the 30's woooo hoooo.  The best part of turning 30 is that my insurance has given me the gift of a higher premium because I am in a new age bracket woo hoo thanks Healthnet for raising my premium another $100 plus dollars you are so thoughtful haha.  Ok now that I have vented over turning 30 I have to say I had a wonderful birthday.  My best girlfriends took me out to lunch and brought be such wonderful gifts then after my BF Mandi took me to get a pedicure that I absolutely enjoyed.  Thank you Mandi, Jamie, Tiff and Jackie for such a wonder ful birthday.

The next evening I had plans with my family to go out to Sushi and Teppan but my body had other ideas.  I got super sick the next morning and ended up going to the ER for 7 hours.  I thought I was going to die but I am fine now haha. So once I felt better that following Saturday my family got together and we had a wonderful dinner and again lots of great gifts.  Thanks you family I love you all so much and am so grateful for you all. 

So I had a wonderful 30th birthday......I am truly blessed to have such and amazing family and group of friends to grow and share these special occasions with...LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!!

Love all my Kids

~Dirty Thirty~

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