Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Potty Time

It's Potty Time

Gav and his big boy undies ready to go....

So last week I made the decision to start potty training with Gav.  He was telling  me he had to go potty a few times, so I took that window of opportunity and went for it.  I started last wednesday and pretty much locked myself in my house.  Thankfully my mother brought us lunch and some surprises to get us by. A few hours into it I already wanted to pull my hair out.  If anyone reading this has done it already they know what I am talking about.  My patience was for sure tested that day.  After a few accidents on the floor or the complaining from Gav I was ready to give up, but then he would have a few successful trips to the potty so I didn't give up.  Believe me I was over cleaning up the mess. 

 He Couldn't pick which potty to try and he had to drive his Mater Car at the same time as he sat...seriously kid this was my LOOOONNNGGG DAY!!!

Well I have to say thank the lord I stuck with it cause the next day was night and day.  Gavin started the day off asking to go potty and from then on he has been going on the potty.  I had this big jar filled with little toys he could pick out everytime he went....well once he caught on he would ask to go potty just to push a few drops out and get a toy hahaha that's my boy working momma I had to switch it to Skittles for #1 and a toy for #2.  He was gonna break me if it was a toy everytime. 

I am so lucky and suprised Gavin understood and since last wednesday he has only had three accidents.  I think I am can saftley say he is officially potty trained...wooo hooo!!!  Now let's hope he does't regress haha I might have a breakdown lol.

Here is his new big boy undies...

I am so proud of you Gavin I can not believe we are already hitting these milestones in your life.  Love you so much baby boy!!

~~Bigger Boy~~

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