Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday at the Water Park

Wooo Hooo someone is 2!!!  I can not believe my baby boy has now turned two years old.  He is not a little baby anymore and I am so not happy with that haha.  This kid is growing up way to fast.

So since we celebrated with some of his friends and family the weekend before I decided on his actual birthday, I would take him to his favorite place (Other than D-Land), the water park.  Seriously this kid is in love with the water park and could have stayed there all day if I let him.  I invited his cousins of course along for the ride and they all had a blast.

We started the morning off by picking up Brit and Car then I took them all to the donut store to pick out what they wanted.....then we headed off to the park to get a good spot to set up for the day.  It gets pretty busy and if anyone knows me I have to be early to get the very best spot hahaha.

After they ate all that sugar it was time to let them run it off and have fun.  This park is just right down the street and has lots of things for the kids.  They had a blast running from the jungle gym and back to the water.  Makes me wish I was a kid again.

Starting off with donuts and milk....

Come on mom I can't wait anymore....

Sooooo happy....

Waiting for the water to shoot up...

he loves his Bear.....

So after the park we headed home for some naps and I got ready to make our family tradition dinner.........Vince's Spagetti!!  Yep the best pasta and soup in the world.  This has been a family tradion since I was born and I hope to start and keep this one for Gavin.  Let me tell you if my kid only cleaned his plate with this pasta......he ate the whole thing...ok maybe wore most of it but I am so xcited he enjoys it as much as me.

Yummy Vince's!!!

Happy Birthday Buggy momma loves you so much and can't wait to keep watching you grow....thank you for bringing so much love and joy into our lives.  You make me smile everyday and you will never understand how much you are loved. 

~xoxo Look Who Is Two xoxo~

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