Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Tae Kwon Do Time

It is time already for the kiddos to test for their new belts at Tae Kwond Do.....let me tell you these kids are on fire.  I love watching them all kick some butt in class during the week and now it's time for them to show off and show everyone what they got.

Watch Out those kids are CRAZY!!!!

It was super exciting this time cause all four of my niece/nephew were testing for their new belts.  It sucked cause we were there all day but it was worth it in the end.  I was almost ready not to stay cause Gavin was getting tired and cranky but of course I would never leave and I am so excited I didn't.  Each one of them passed their test and got a apecial award.  It started off with Best Attitude award and Britney was the one to recieve that one out of all the TMAT family.  After that they went on to Best Kick and of course we all knew that one was gonna be Carly haha.  She has now won that award twice now.  Then Isabella was called and she recieved Most Improved.  Then the very very last award of the evening went to Anthony and it was Student Of The Month.....yep you heard that right.  He has worked so so so very hard in all of his classes and he deserved every bit of it.

Picture with Master and all of their awards....

I am such a happy auntie and couldn't be any more proud of them all.  They put in a lot of time a determination to grow in this sport and it is paying off.  Love you all sooooo much!!!


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