Monday, April 22, 2013

She is having a......!!!!!!!!!!

One of my bestest friends Mandi is finally pregnant with her 1st little bundle of joy and we all couldn't be any more excited for her.  She has been trying for over a year or so and it has finally happen for them.  So instead of the traditional way of just letting everyone know what you are having like a phone call, text or announcement, Mandi decided to have a Gender Reveal Party where all of her close family and friends get together and the sex of the baby will be revealed.  Well of course Mandi put another spin on this party........she didn't even know the sex of the baby ONLY I DID!!!!!!

Ok so lets start from the beginning......So Mandi was  planning this party in the theme of pink and mint.  Everything was a girl color and a boy color. We did different desserts in the mint and pink, tissue poms, table cloths you name it which all came together to make an amazing dessert table which was the center of the party and then we made the secret box. This box was to hold the color balloons in which the sex of the baby was gonna be and she was to open it in front of everyone and find out when everyone else found out. So for weeks we were getting everything together and made.

Last Monday was the day.....the day she had the ultrasound to find out the sex....Well ok the day I was to find out the sex.  The ultrasound technician turned off all monitors so Mandi and Anthony could not see, she found the sex and printed it onto a few ultrasound pictures then sealed it into on envelope and handed it straight to me.  Mandi and Anthony were still able to see a few profile views but not the exciting part on knowing if it was a boy or a girl.

OMG this past week has been the hardest week for me......I was holding a secret that every mother to be really wants to know which is what am I having haha.  But the week did fly by pretty fast and before you know it we were setting up for the party and only being a few hours away from the reveal.  Below are a few pictures of the party....
Box is filled and ready for reveal....
The Finished product
Me with the momma to be
Making their predictions
Ok so it was about time for the reveal.....we got everyone into place and I was getting the box ready.  I placed the box where everyone could see and was pulling the tape off so all they had to do was lift each side of the lid and out come the balloons......I was so stressed the balloons were gonna be popped or stuck haha I made Adam practice at home when I was putting the balloons in the box at home before we sealed it....I think we opened the box like 20 times haha.
AND IT'S A...........
We all are so happy for the Shearer's who will be welcoming Baby Weston in September...woohooo can't wait.  Now it's baby shower time haha.

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