Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter

Yep ladies and gentlemen that is a smile on my kids face while he is on the Easter Bunny's lap.  We had a successful picture taking session this yeat whooohooo hahaha.  I was so happy that my kid didn't freak out this year.  He was a little hesitant but once I warmed him up for a little bit he actually was ok haha.  Now lets see if we are successful with Santa this year or I might be getting the death stare again from him lol. 
Gavin is growing up so much fun now that he understands what the Easter Bunny is all about.  He even had a blast coloring eggs this year and actually said they were for the Easter Bunny.  Love that he gets so excited over holidays.
Coloring Eggs with the Cousins
This year for Easter we headed off to my sisters and of course made to much food and ate to many sweets.  We had a huge Easter Egg hunt like we do every year but this year was even better because Gavin actually ran around and collected the eggs all on his own.  He had so much fun.
Gavin's basket from the Easter Bunny

Thanking his Auntie Erin for his basket

Swimming with the kiddos

Finding all the eggs

Our little family picture on Easter credit goes to our little Carly haha.

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