Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Sista!!

Earlier this month we celebrated Erin's birthday at the beach.  Their family headed down to Surf and Sand Hotel in Laguna for a few days and invited us down for one of the days so Gavin could play at the beach and we could celebrate with a nice dinner.  I know this is sad but this was Gavin's 2nd time at the beach ever......I know I know we live in California and my son has only been to the beach twice...haha I am a horrible mother I just hate hate hate sand.  Well at least for his 2nd visit he was at a 5star hotel sitting under an umbrella and some chairs and had the chance to take a shower right after he that is how I like to roll to the beach haha. 
So happy to be at the beach

He loved to be buried
My Favorite Picture...Adam, Gav and I making our mark at the beach
So we got down there and all the kiddos played in the sand and in the water for a while.  We finally called it a day and went to the rooms to get the kiddos ready for dinner.......I can not begin to tell you how many pounds of sand we got of these kids it was pretty bad.  Finally we all were ready and decided we had a few minutes for Erin to open all her gifts before dinner which was only a 20 foot walk from the room to the restaurant.  This restaurant was amazing they had such great food we all were stuffed and were happy that the room was only 20 feet away cause we could roll right out haha.
Opening gifts...

Sister I hope you had a Wonderful Birthday We Love You So Much!!

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