Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break Fun

So the kids have been on Spring Break for the past week so we have to find things to keep them busy...luckily Easter was coming up so we colored Easter eggs, had lunch with some friends, Erin's birthday was coming up so we went birthday shopping and finally took them to the movies which is always a go to when we have the time.  So I guess you can say we have been busy...

The girls wanted to see a movie called The Croods...I had no clue what it was about but it was super funny and cute and of course Gavin loved it.  His favorite thing I think about the movie theater is the popcorn haha....
About to watch the movie

Oh yes I got my popcorn haha
Having Lunch with Some Friends
So a few days later I took Belly shopping so we could go get Erin some birthday presents.  We haven't had our one on one time much lately so it was nice to spend time with Belly doing what we both love which is to shop and eat.  Adam took Gavin for the day so it was nice to be baby free for a little bit as well.  So we headed off to the mall where we spend way too much money and had a nice lunch where I had to snap an embarrassing picture of her when she was drinking her milkshake that had splattered in her face lol
Love getting to hang out with my little loves....anytime I can spend time with them makes my day.

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