Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Golf Day with Daddy

Daddy is on a mission to have Gavin be the next Tiger Woods haha.  Everyday off that Adam has he gets Gavin and throws him in the car (yes with his car seat) and they head off to the driving range.  I love it they get to spend some quality time together doing things they both love to do.  So last week when I was taking Belly shopping Adam said he wanted to take Gavin golfing so I went in his room and found an outfit Grandpa Paul had bought him for Christmas........I put it on him and about cried he looked so grown up and fit the theme of the day perfectly....below are some pictures of the day daddy and Gavin had together.  First they went to the driving range then came home and took a nap then went back out after Gavin woke up and went and played a few holes at the local golf course haha.  Yes my husband is crazy over golf hahaha

Gavin with his Golf outfit on.....yes those are slacks with a belt!!
First ride on a real course

Yes he had to make sure he raked his foot prints

That's my boy on the fairway
Love seeing how happy Gavin is when he is "Hitting the Ball" as he says with his daddy.  So happy they get to spend this time I need to plan a momma day when they are gone haha

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