Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa Time

Santa Time
Today Gavin and I headed off to Bass Pro Shops to meet up with Jamie, Madison and Baby B to get their pictures taken with Santa.  We were talking about it at Madison's birthday and I realized I needed to get him to see Santa quick since Christmas is a week from today.  So Jamie mention Bass Pro Shops so we decided to take the kiddos there.  I have never been here at Christmas time, I have to say they go all out for these kids.  They have free pictures with Santa, carousel rides, coloring, crafts etc.  We will for sure be doing this place every year it was great for Gav.
So I went into this photo with Santa with an open mind hahaha.   From previous experiences like with the Easter Bunny Gavin cried and screamed his eyes out and I was not able to capture him and the bunny so I was not quite sure how this was gonna go down.  Gavin right now is in a shy stage and is a but afraid of some people and dressed up characters....however I told myself if he is the kid that will be throwing himself on the floor or is beat red and not breathing I will take it.  I was determined to get them in a photo together anyway I could.  So it was our turn to take a picture and I was shocked Gavin was holding the ladies hand and walked up to Santa and gave him a high five and knuckles......I was so happy that this might actually work this year......then I get this picture below....hahahaha his face says it all......SERIOUSLY MOM!!! 
Hey I will take this picture any day.......we are getting there haha.  He had so much fun and keeps asking about Santa and wants to go back.  Maybe next we will have a smile.  Here are a few more pictures of the day with Santa.
Walking up to Santa....

Waiting in line with the girls

Riding on the reindeer

Writing Santa a letter

Mailing his letter to Santa

The kiddos watching the fish

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