Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Disney Christmas Fun

Disneyland Fun
I love love love Christmas time at Disneyland.......the parks are decorated so cute and Gavin loves watching the parade with Santa.  So I have been trying to use our passes up as much as I can and get in before it is too crazy at Disneyland for the holiday.  So last week one of my best friends Nichole and her daughter Janie met Gavin and I for the night.  Let me tell you Gavin and Janie have to be the cutest kids together.....they have so much fun and they were jabber jaws the whole night to each other.  Seriously Gavin asks about her everyday it doesn't matter if we are going to the grocery store he asks if Janie is there that he has a little girl crush.  I will allow it with Janie cause I love her momma haha and we both wouldn't mind if they married each other.
Gavin having fun at Cars Land

Saving a spot for Janie for the Parade and eating ice cream

Having a snack waiting for the parade

Love these two.....

Waiving to Santa at the Parade they were soooo excited!!!
Can't wait to head back to Disneyland......might have to be after the holidays cause of the crowds but we will be back soon.  This is Gavin's favorite place to go and I will do anything to keep that smile on his face when he gets to go.....melts my heart to see the joy in his eyes.!!!

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