Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Crafting

Christmas Crafts
Gavin had such a fun time last month doing some thanksgiving crafts with some friends and he was even more excited that they invited him again to do some Christmas Crafts. So one of my best friends Jamie invited us to her house last month for Thanksgiving crafts and Gavin had a blast.  Jamie invited us to join them again for Christmas crafts at her cousin Jennifer's house and of course Gavin was super excited again.  So we went to the store and bought some dessert to bring over and Gavin grabbed a bunch of candy canes filled with M&M's so I asked him if he wanted to bring one to all of his friends and of course he grabbed more.  So we put a little tag on it to give them as little mini gifts for his friends.
Gavin had so much fun again.....the kids were excited for the 1st few crafts then they just wanted to play and run around and so us moms got stuck finishing the crafting....haha!!  They had fun playing and running around can't wait to do another holiday craft night.
Here are all the kids doing picture I could get with 8 kids

Picture of all the crafts we made.....Can't wait to keep these in Gav's Craft box!!

Thanks Ladies I had a great time.......our kids are around somewhere making a mess!!

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