Friday, November 18, 2011

My new ADDICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I noticed a few posts from friends about this website and I didn't think anything about it.  I then remembered a few days later cause they were still talking about it, so I decided to head over and see what it was about.  At first I didn't really understand it until I realized how it worked......let me tell you that was a bad idea hahahaha.  This website is is the best place to find do it yourself craft ideas, decor for the home, food and any idea you name it, it is on here.  So now that I can't get myself off this website I finally decided to try a craft project to see if I can really do it.......  I have now finished two and I am on the third one hahahaha I should have never gone on this website.

Thank you Pinterest for taking up my time and not letting me sleep at night......I am super excited though cause now I have great ideas for the I just need a fat wallet to pay for it all hahaha...

My first DIY project:
$2 Vases
Rubber Bands
Spray Paint
That's it!!!

My 2nd DIY Project:
Coffee Filters
Wooden Craft Circle
That's it!!!

So that is only two of the many many projects I want to try.....this is gonna be fun!!!

~Happy Pinning~

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