Sunday, January 20, 2013

Woo Hoo It's a New Year

Happy New Year 2013
New years for us didn't start off the best not only were my nieces and mom super sick for weeks......Gavin got extremely sick as well.  He has never been this sick.....he had the worst fever, sinus infection, throat infection, cough and ear infection.  It was a miserable week till his meds finally kicked in.  Those fevers scare me so heart aches for him cause there is nothing I can do but hold him and give him all the love. 
This Face broke my heart he was in sooooo much pain
I do love his little heart cause he is having an issue understanding how to share....but when it came to his medicine he was ready to share no problem haha the picture below he had to let Sully from Monsters Inc share his breathing treatment meds.....
Gavin was still out of it for New Years luckily we stayed in cause he wouldn't have made it anywhere else.  My sister had plans and needed a sitter so I watched the girls for her at their house for New Years.  We all were pretty much in our PJ's the whole night.  However, Isabella did rope me into painting her room cause she got everything to paint it for Christmas and since I was there she hit me of course I said yes.  Brit and Car were still getting over their sickness so I threw those kids in Brit's room with movies and went to paint with belly.

Love the Tiffany Blue color she picked for her room.  two coats of blue per wall and two coats of white and we were done.  Only 6 hours later haha.  By the time we were done I looked at the clock and it was 11pm.  I totally forgot it was new years haha.  So I found the hats and horns and got all the kiddos ready.  Adam came over for a little bit we counted down and 10 minutes after midnight all the kiddos were in bed haha.
Love my Beautiful Nieces!!!!

Here is our New Years group...... I found an app on my phone with a timer for the camera and was able to capture us all. 
Cheers to the New Year!!!!

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