Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Day In Hollywood

Welcome to Hollywood
A few weeks ago my mom got the grandkids tickets to see Monsters Inc 3D at the old El Capitan theatre in Hollywood.  I have never been to the old theatre and was really excited to take Gavin for his first time as well.  We took Brit, Car, Isabella, AMA, Gav and myself and headed down for a day in Hollywood.
We left a little early to get parking and find out where we were going.  Well once we got there the girls were ready to read every Hollywood star on the walk of fame.  They were so excited when they would read a name they knew.  We parked right by the Graumanns Chinese Theatre and stopped to check it out. The kids had so much fun putting their hands and feet on the famous stars square.  Of course I had a bottle of hand sanitizer so I didn't freak out too much haha.
Belly and her boy Taylor Lautner
Gavin found himself Robin Williams hands haha
 After we did the hands and feet we still had some time to spare so the girls really wanted to find Ellen Degeneres so I googled where her star was and it was about a mile away, so we had some time before the movie we started walking to find it.....ummmm you don't really realize how far that mile was until you stop at every red light, carried a the kid and had to walk through a million people.  Well we finally found it and the girls were extremely excited.  Now we had to take that mile walk back hahaha you can say we didn't think this out through lol.
Belly found my girl Jennifer Aniston as well...
So now that we were extremely tired it was time to go to the movies.  We checked in and I guess mom bought VIP seats so they gave us a bucket of popcorn each and a drink and ushered us to our seats.  Gonna have to say VIP style was still cheaper than going to the normal movies haha.  the kids were so excited Gavin is in love with this movie right now.
The theater
All the kiddos

Balcony seats

The mini show before the movie
Gavin and Brit ready for the movie to start
The kids had such a great time....we are for sure gonna have to do this again.  It was such a great day with the kiddos I love trying new things and making new memories with them.  Thanks again AMA for taking us to the movies!!!

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