Sunday, January 20, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Time
So this year it was my year to host Christmas Eve with the family...unfortunately Carly and Brit were super sick so we changed it and headed over to their house instead.  We had our traditional tamale night which was super yummy...then we let all the kiddos open the gifts from the aunties and uncles and grandma.  We usually have to break it up this way cause Christmas day is already crazy enough.
Gavin was sooooooo into opening gifts this year.......he did not hesitate one bit when it came to the mount of gifts he got from his auntie and grandma......of course his uncle and grandpas too but we all know auntie and grandma like to spoil him rotten. 
New man cave chair for Gav from auntie Erin

Presents just from aunties and grandparents...missing about 50 more to the right

Gav opening up his gifts
After opening all of these presents we got the kiddos ready for bed and tucked in tight for Santa...we did our traditional wrapping the door so they couldn't sneak out...

Once we got these kiddos all ready I finally headed home and got Gav ready for bed and put out cookies, red bull, beer and milk hahaha our Santa likes a little variety to drink...

Love that Gavin is getting more and more excited for holidays....can't wait till he really understands what Christmas is all about!!

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