Friday, August 10, 2012

Swim Lessons

So it was that time of year again a few weeks back that it was time for Gavin to take another few weeks of swim lessons.  Or if you ask Gavin we are going "Wimming at Wudy's House".  Of course we had to go back to his favorite person Judy.  This year we took the girls with us  to get them in the pool and learn how to do all the different swimming strokes........they had so much fun and learned so much from Judy.  Britney is so fast now in the water with her frog kicks and breaststroke, and Carly is doing so much better as well.

I was so excited when Gavin started cause he picked up right where he left off last year with Judy and didn't forget a thing.  He is now able to hold his breath underwater for about 9-11 seconds depending on how tired he is, but also being able jump off the step and swim to Judy a few feet away.  I was so so so proud of him. 

Britney Helping Judy with Gavin

Gavin swimming to the step

Gavin is kicking from the step to Judy by himself

I can't wait to get back in the pool this summer and be able to swim with Gav and keep teaching him how to swim.  I wish Judy could do lessons all year round cause he loves her so much.  Thanks again Judy for all the hard work you put in to teaching my little man how to swim.  Can't wait till next year!!!


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