Friday, August 10, 2012

It's OC Fair Time

So the last day of Gavin's swim lesson Adam was able to make it so since he did such a great job this year we decided to head of to the Fair after his last lesson and spend a little time on the rides, eating junk food and playing games.  If it was anything like last year Gavin was gonna have a blast.

Of course we started of the day having a little lunch and of course Gavin had to have his "Eye Beam", which of course was ice cream.  It was perfect cause it was a little warm outside and he loved every bite of it. 

After we ate, we checked out the rides and of course the farm animals.  Gavin loves looking at them but if they got close to the gate he hated it hahaha.  But his favorite animal of all was the giant pig, and if you ask him or his dad they call it "Talking Bacon".  Adam started that name when a show called Peppa Pig came on Nick Jr. and it's a cartoon with talking pigs........well Gavin loves to repeat so now when he sees a pig he says Talking Bacon hahaha gotta love boys.

After we checked out all the animals Adam and I wanted to try at least one thing fried.  I always say I am gonna try something fried when I go to the fair and we don't end up doing so, so I was determined to get at least one thing this year......and we ended up trying the Fried Oreos"...AMAZING!!!!!!!!

We had a blast this year and can't wait to go back again next year.  Each year keeps getting better and better cause Gavin is able to do more and more.  I love seeing the look on his face of joy and excitement. 

Here are the prizes Gavin and Daddy won this year...thank goodness it wasn't a giant stuffed animal like last year that is still taking up space on the floor hahaha. 

~~OC Fair~~

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