Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Fight is On

So this week our family has been hit beautiful sister in law Anjanette has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  To hear those words from my brother was the most devastating thing.  I don't understand how someone as beautiful, kind, loving, caring, genuine, stong and I can go on and on about her, has to be the one to go through this and at such a young age.  I feel helpless, I feel like there is nothing I can do to help her. I know I am right here by her side and that's all I can do but it doesn't feel like enough.....I want to do more for her. However, I am gonna be strong for her and my brother and I am gonna be there every step of this battle and pray and pray everynight that goes by. 

I told my brother today that cancer decided to mess with the wrong F**king family.  Not only is Anj gonna kick the living shit out of it on her is pretty lucky we aren't gonna get ahold of it and show it what we really think.  The support system that she has would rip it to shreds and you don't want to know what else we would do to it. 

I love you so much Anj and I know you are so strong and you will fight and win this battle.  I admire your strength that you already have.  I will be here for you everyday in prayer and everyday you need me by your side.  This is one battle Cancer will not win and our family will make sure of that.



  1. Thanks sweetie! I just now saw this post, and it definitely brought tears to my eyes. I'm so blessed to have such amazing, loving and wonderful family! <3 Thank you for not only accepting me, but for caring for me and supporting me so bravely! I am so grateful to call you my sister (pfft, in-law, but whatever! love you like you're blood, damn it!).

  2. That was awesome Bre! Thank you for doing this and for all the support and love you've shown!