Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday To My wonderful Mommy!!!

So last Sunday we celebrated my mother's birthday.  We decided to do breakfast that day so we all could be together since her birthday was on a monday.  So we all headed off to Mimi's to have a few bloody marys and some yummy food.  After we decided to go head to the mall and do a little shopping.   We bought my mom a new purse, new shoes and this Brighton Bracelet we made from the grandkids......

There is an initial of each grandkid and a few extra bling to go with..

So we are at the mall and it was her birthday and somehow Gavin came home with more gifts than my did that happen????  Of course everywhere we go my kid ropes me in to buying him something and yes I am a sucker for buying it everytime along with Grandma who likes to spoil the kid rotten hahaha.  Here are a few things he got that day....

Yep these are Woody PJ's.......oh wait....

Of course he got the Buzz ones too and the dolls to go with it!!!!!!

There are still a few things not in the above photos that he got....seriously this kid is spoiled rotten but I love it hahaha.

Monday was mom's actual bday so Gavin and I headed over there once the girls got out of school.  The girls wanted to bake her a cake so we could sing to her after dinner....

Happy Birthday to the most amazing mother and grandmother a girl could ask for.  We love you with all of our hearts and are so grateful to have such a wonderful person in our lives.  We appreciate all you do for us.  Love you sooooooo much!!!!

xoxo~Happy Birthday Mom~xoxo

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