Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's a Birthday Week

So this past week two very special girls in my life celebrated their birthdays.  Since their birthdays are only 3 days apart my sister is stilll lucky they are happy celebrating together.  So we were off to the Happiest Place on Earth.....DISNEYLAND!!!!! 

So Monday Feb 27th we celebrated my niece Britneys 7th birthday.....yes I did say 7 I know it is sooooo crazy time has really gone by on this little girl.   I can still remember the day she was born.........

Britney Briana Burnardo Age 7

So my sister planned a two day trip to Disneyland with the family....after school on Monday they packed up and headed to Disneyland checked into their hotel then went off and had fun in the rain riding almost all the rides.  They had a blast and my sister gave them their birthday presents that night.  Thank the lord she bought them each an I Touch so now we can have our phones back hahaha...... They were soooo excited

Sooooo excited!!!

The next day Gavin and I planned to join them at Disneyland for the day.  Britney was sooo excited cause Gavin was going she could care less about anything else.  Seriously the video below is to funny.....

So Gavin and I got ready and headed to Disneyland.  We met up with them in the morning for breakfast then has a wonderful day riding rides and eating lots of food and taking lots of pictures.

Eating Breakfast....

We weren't tall enough so they went with Gavin on a ride...

He was soooo excited to meet Buzz he really was I just couldn't take pic fast enough.....


Sleepy Head......

All the cousins with Minnie...I think the boys loved her!!!

I told the girls I would buy them a toy from Disneyland for their birthday and I also had money from Grandpa Rick to get toys as well.   But we didn't have the best of luck so I decided to take them to Toys R US on the way home and they could go on a shopping spree on Grandpa and the picture below I think they scored....

Tooo many toys haha.

Finally Thursday March 1st came around and we got to celebrate Carly's 6th little baby is now 6........ seriously can not believe it!!!

Carly Ryan Busnardo Age 6

Since we had already did all the fun stuff we just had the family over at my sisters who couldn't make Disneyland and made her favorite dinner and did a little birthday cake.

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Nieces......Auntie Booty loves you sooooooo much and I can't wait to celebrate your next birthday.  Booty loves watching you girls grow is sad cause I wish you both would stay little but I am so excited to see what you both become.  Love you with all of my heart baby girls!!!

~xoxoBirthday Girlsxoxo~

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