Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gavin's Trip To The Salon

So Gavin needed a haircut pretty bad a few weeks ago so I decided to finally get going and get him the cut.  My mom had been telling me about this cut kids haircut place in Chino Hills so I thought we would try it since the first haircut was a disaster haha.  So we headed off to Sharkey's Cuts for Kids in hopes for a successful haircut. 

When we got there is was super cute and totally kid friendly.  They had a section for younger kids with movies playing and the other side was for older kids with XBOX and PS3....geeeez where were these when I was younger.  They even had a room in the back you could rent out for girls bday partys and have hair and nails done and a fashion show it was super cute.

So we kindof lucked out cause Gavin loves the movie Cars and they happen to have a lightening McQueen car to sit in and it was even playing the movie so I totally thought we were already off to a better start.  I even brough a bag of tricks if I needed it but I have good news I didn't have to use any.  We got settled in and I put Gavin in the car.....he didn't cry but was reaching for me.  The lady started the cut and he did not move at all....he stayed in the same spot I sat him in it was so funny yet a little sad cause I know he was so scared.....

Here he is in the same spot haha..

He let her cut and cut and he did soooooo good......he started to have tears when the clippers turned on but never screamed or anything.  I was so proud of my little man.  We will for sure have to come back to this place and get his hair cut again.

A little upset with the clippers.....

Here is my baby with his new BIG BOY haircut!!!

~Snip Snip~

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