Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gavin's 1st Trip to the Fire Station

Ok so it was finally time I took Gavin to check out the fire station and all the fire trucks.  The poor kid rides on his plastic one around the house and even makes the noises.  So we headed off to see Uncle Tony when he was at a station not too far from us.

Once we got there we had to wait a little while cause Uncle Tony wasn't there and we had no way of calling him since he broke yet another phone hahaha ill just leave it at that.  So he finally came back and we got to take a tour of the Station.  We got to see where they sleep, work out, eat etc.  The best part was we got to check out the fire truck.  I have never seen so many buttons, tools and hoses on a vehicle in my life.  Tony showed us everything on the truck and it was amazing to see how that thing works.

I know Gavin was still a little young and didn't understand yet but I can't wait to take him back when he gets a little bigger. Ok ok ok the truth is what girl wouldn't want to go back to a fire station hahaha J/K!!!

Thanks again Uncle Tony for taking the time to show us around.......Gavin loved his fireman sticker too!!!


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