Saturday, December 17, 2011

Early Christmas Presents

So Gavin has gotten a few early Christmas presents.....I wanted to post a few pictures of his new outfits.  So mom gave Gavin the cutest Raincoat and matching boots.  She gave it to him the other day so he could wear it on Monday when it was super cold and rainy....he was not a fan of the jacket but he wants to wear his boots all day long.....

Hey look it's the Gordan's Fisherman BAHAHAHA!!!!

So then the next day Auntie Mandi decided to give Gavin something that he absolutly loves...she found this adorable Spongebob beanie on Etsy and knew Gav would love it.....this is probably the cutest beanie I have ever seen.  I swear if we knew how to make it I could have sold about 20 the day he wore it to Brit and Car's school. 

I had to throw this one in there because I am about to take everything I have bought back because my child loves to play in this box.  He played with this for hours and hours.  He even sat inside and watched a movie for like 25 minutes without even moving.  Who knew a box would be such a hit????  Happy early Christmas Gavin....I know you love the box but I hope you like what we actually bought you that came in that box!!!!

~Christmas Is Almost Here~

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