Monday, December 5, 2011

Going to visit Santa

So this past weekend I had a slumber party with my two youngest nieces Britney and Carly.  We stayed up late, ate bad food and had too much fun.  We ordered Taco Bell and uncle Adam went and got it for us.  Then we went to see the Christmas lights off Main street, usually they are the best to go see but this year it was horrible.  Every other house was off and then we came to the end of the 1st street and they all were off.  Oh well we got over it and headed home.  We took baths and then stayed up super super late.  The only way I got the girls to go to bed was that I promised them something fun to do the next day but I wasn't gonna tell them till the morning.

So of course they woke up and began asking what we were gonna do that day.  I hadn't even wiped the droll off my face hahaha.  So we ate some donuts and got ready and packed up the car.  We had to go pick up the other two (Ant and Belly) cause I was gonna watch them too for the day.  Once I had them all we were off to go see Santa.  Of course we were there two hours early cause on Sundays apparently Santa doesn't come till noon when the mall opened at 9.  So we walked around and did a little Christmas shopping then went back and the line was already long. So we hoped in line and the girls were the best behaved children the entire time.  I think Santa should be around all year if you ask me.

So finally we got to the front and of course the girls ran straight up to him and Gavin ran the opposite direction.  He HATED Santa........I mean HATE!!!!!!  Poor thing kept the death screams inside but those tears were flowing pretty hard.

We were able to get a pretty decent shot.  When you have 5 kids in a picture it can be pretty hard.  However. we got it done and the girls were super excited and Gavin will be tormented for a while but it was well worth it.  I would be tormented too if an old guy with a beard who dressed funny tried to touch and talk to me so I guess you can't blame the kid hahaha. 


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