Friday, September 7, 2012

Gavin's 1st Angel Game

So a few weeks back Adam got a call from one of the banks he deals with at work and they asked him if he wanted some Angel Game tickets for that night.  Adam looked at me and I said that would be fun cause we can finally take Gavin to his first game.  So he called back and said yes.  Of course I wanted to be prepared and find Gav a new shirt for the game so I drove around everywhere and found nothing...I finally gave in a was just gonna buy one at the game.  So bummed he didn't fit into his old ones he got.  Oh we called up my dad and asked if he wanted to go and he said yes so we loaded up and headed to Adam's work to pick them up.  At this point we have no clue where the seats were......just gonna have fun no matter what.

So we get to Adam's work and grab the tickets and I look at them to see if I can look them up and find where they were.....well I knew that were gonna be great because each one said $150 each.  4 free tickets and parking ok we will take it.

We finally get to our seats and up they were amazing.......we were 15 rows behind home plate.  I am gonna say if this is gonna be the first game Gavin went to the view was amazing.  Once we got seated I took Gav to the store and of course we had to get a shirt, hat and a rally monkey....haha this kid works me every time.  Gavin is now hooked and loves baseball games.

Not a bad view

Of course Gav worked me for a shirt, hat and rally monkey

My 2 1/2 men haha
~Go Angels~

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