Friday, September 7, 2012

Grimes Family Visit

So a few weeks back my Uncle Randy and my cousin Lindsey came down from Oregon for a few days to visit.  Lindsey even brought her newest addition to the family baby Hunter.  It has been a few years since we have seen each other so it was a very long over due visit.  We tried to do as much as we could while they were down but just sitting around talking and catching up is what we loved to do best.  We only had a few days to visit cause my uncle had prior obligations to attend too for the few days he was here so he had to run around and get those done.  I miss seeing my Oregon family reminds me of all the wonderful times we were together as kids with Grandma.  We for sure are planning our next trip up North soon. 

While we were down we had to take Lindsey to the beach since she has never seen the California beach before.  They moved to Oregon when she was so little she never got to see it.  Of course we had to eat at Ruby's on the pier to break her in a little.  It was so much fun and it was actually Gavin's first time at the beach.....yes yes yes I did say FIRST time.   I know I know I am a bad mom and have not taken him yet haha.   He was a little scared at first cause grandpa just pretty much made him stand by the water and a wave knocked him over.  He then wanted to wash his hands cause he was all sandy haha.  That is my OCD child for ya.....he did get over it and had a blast.

Next to the Lifeguard truck

Eating lunch with the fam

Not sure of the sandy toes haha

And here is where grandpa let him fall into the water haha
While they were down we of course had to do a little shopping and more shopping haha......we did all this while we dropped off my uncle while he was visiting his friends.  It was really nice Lindsey and I got to spend some time together buying our little boys everything haha.  After that we spent some time with Brit and Car so they could see them and of course Britney had to hold baby Hunter....she is gonna be the best babysitter for Gavin and a great momma one day.

The girls with Hunter
The entire time they were here Gavin was constantly asking for Baby Hunter and wanted to play with him and hold him.  He would get mad if the baby was taking a nap in the room cause he wasn't where he could see him.  I got this picture the night before they left Gavin loved having a little one around!! 

Gav and Hunter
Gonna Miss the Grimes side of the family....hopefully we will get together soon!!

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