Friday, September 7, 2012

Cooley Family Reunion

So this past weekend my moms side of the family got together for a little family reunion.  My aunt Teresa flew in from Utah and her brothers Ronnie and Norman drove down for the weekend.  It has been about 23 years since all four of them have been together in the same room.  I am so happy, blessed and grateful that my Uncle Ronnie has finally come back into all of our lives.  We missed his funny, crazy and loving personality for so long.

So the weekend started off when my uncle Ronnie took Friday off and went with my mom to pick up my aunt Teresa from the airport.  She had no clue Ronnie was gonna be there and this was gonna be the 1st time she has seen or spoken to him in 20ish years.  So she saw my mom and my mom started filming and Teresa looks over and sees Ronnie and started crying and didn't say a word.  The hung and kiss they shared was priceless.  So much love they all have.

So the next day all of them came over to my moms and we hung out looking at old photos and talked all day.  We then cooked dinner and had my family and Erin's family over for dinner.  So much fun all of us together laughing and telling stories of everyone haha.  Sunday was a chill BBQ day at my sister's.......we all hung out and the kids swam.  It was so good to see my mom with her family again.  It has been way to long.  We even got to Skype Grandpa and June.  That was so much fun.  They got to talk to everyone and the kids loved it.  It was so great for them to see how big the kids have gotten and it was even better to see my grandparents.  I love and miss them so much.

1st Hug with Teresa and Ronnie

Finally all together again

Uncle Norman taking Gavin to see his Harley

He even let him sit on it and he loved it

What a crazy bunch

Talking to Grandpa and June...Love and miss them soooo much!!

I am gonna have to say that this reunion better not take another 23 years to happen. Hopefully we all can get together again soon. Love and miss them all so much already!!!
~Family Reunion~

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